How to View Hidden Conversations on Skype

How to view hidden conversation on Skype

How to View Hidden Conversations on Skype?

According to latest technology trend, we all are getting addicted to the latest gadgets and devices while using different applications for the chat messaging. Increasing the demands of chats messaging applications, companies are also increasing their security level. Nowadays, you have all the privacy options to secure the security of your account. Many of us use these privacy options but sometimes we forget them. So now we will tell you how to view hidden conversations on Skype.

How to show hidden conversation on Skype

We all know there are many programs available on the web to communicate with each other through internet mode.

Skype is one of the most advanced application programs that use text, call, and video chat to communicate the process. We all know Skype is most loved platform for the top operating systems like windows and mac. Skype makes life easy for millions of people, mostly for the large companies that mostly communicate their business through Skype calls.

While communication on any kind of messenger, we try to create privacy for personal security. But you can protect your privacy by hiding your Skype communication text, calls especially when you are in a crowded place or when other people have access to your computer/laptop or other devices.

Since hiding a call record or instant text messaging session won’t delete permanently. You can restore your conversations at any time whenever you need.

Apart from that, there is no way to unhide a single conversation only restoring the conversations requires viewing hidden conversations on skype

How to show hidden conversation on Skype

We have tested this process and we are able to view our hidden conversation in Skype. Please read the steps, how to view the hidden conversation in Skype.

How do you show hidden conversation on Skype for Windows User:

  1. Launch your Skype and your account by using your Skype login details.
  2. Check your contact list organized in groups.
  3. On the top menu bar click on the “Contacts” menu located, then scroll down the drop-down menu and click on the “Hide Contact Groups” Skype hides the contact groups.

How to show hidden messages on Skype For Mac user:

  1. Click on the “View” menu and want to hide offline contacts.
  2. Uncheck the “Show offline contacts” option.

You can view all of your conversations on Skype by using this simple process. We are trying hard to help you with the technology tips and tricks. We want to you read and apply to your daily life and make your easy. You can also share this with your friends. If this trick worked for you then please give us a comment.

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