WiFi Will Now Run from the Cloud, the Unique Technology Offered by This Company


Mojo Networks, a company that offers state-of-the-art Wi-Fi services to the corporate world including government institutions and financial institutions, has planned to expand the cloud-based Wi-Fi network in the country.

The company says Wi-Fi’s cloud-based technology is more secure and comfortable than traditional Wi-Fi services. Mojo Networks co-founder and president Kiran Deshpande said, “The company aims to provide such cloud-based Wi-Fi services at a large scale in the country. For this, the server should be hosted in India. ‘

More warehouses in public WiFi

The President of the company, Deshpande said that there is more hardware available in the public to provide public Wi-Fi services at large than traditional technology and safety issues arise.

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He said that, under traditional technology, 53 rake machines are required for 10 lakh access points (AP), but only 12 rakes are sufficient for this in cloud-based technology.

The server can be hosted anywhere in the country

Apart from this, dependence on labor force is also reduced due to adoption of new technology. The company’s co-founder and chief technical officer Pravin Bhagwat said that under this technique, hosting the server at any one place can provide Wi-Fi service in any part of the country.

Same technology in geo

Bhagwat said that Mukesh Ambani’s telecom company Reliance Jio has adopted the same technology of Mojo. He said, the cloud-based technology has been developed through Artificial Intelligence in such a way that it recognizes the difficulties encountered in the network and removes them.

The network automatically resolves the problem

Under the conventional service, there is a lot of time in the network to fix it when there is a problem in the network, and the engineers also have to send it, but cloud-based technologies do not have such problems.

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