What is ASTM D698?

ASTM D698 is a standard test method used to determine the laboratory compaction characteristics of soil using standard effort. This test method is used to determine the relationship between the moisture content and the dry unit weight of the soil, which is essential for designing earthworks and evaluating the load-bearing capacity of the soil.

The test involves compacting a soil specimen using a standard compaction effort, a specified number of blows from a hammer dropped from a fixed height. The test is performed on soil samples in a controlled laboratory environment, and the results are used to determine the maximum dry unit weight and optimum moisture content of the soil.

The ASTM D698 test is commonly used in civil engineering and geotechnical engineering to assess the suitability of soil for use in construction projects, such as roads, embankments, and foundations. The test results can help engineers and contractors select the appropriate soil type and design the most effective earthwork for a project.


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