Google Play Music Upload Stuck? Here are Steps To Follow

Google Play Music Upload Stuck

Google Play Music is such a power given to the music lovers. You enjoy any music anytime anywhere without any hindrance but just with a smooth internet connection in your device. With no any kind of interruption between you and your love “music”, Google play services are the best-suited option for anybody. You can get the music of any language, genre, and religion. The app is most likely to be installed on the mobile of all the people beholding the smartphones for their utility. Please follow the links if you want to install the app Google Play Music. But, with all the good things comes to some complications too. Sometimes, users face the problem of Google play music upload stuck. Well, this issue can arrive due to any of the reason unknown to you. But, this hindrance in your favorite music time can really disappoint you.

Google Play Music Upload Stuck

Music not only gives you the best entertainment time but is also a soothing factor for most of us. It can make us far away from our stressful lives and make you fly into a different world with your highly imaginative power. What one desires now days is getting instant delivery of your demands. The same we expect in our music likings too. The very instant we feel like listening to any particular song. The cravings to listen to that very song increases and we long to hear our favorite ones only.

Google Play Music Upload Stuck on Processing

I know, you have a pretty good internet connection and even then you are facing such issues that are not letting you download any song of your choice. Well, if you get addict to the habit of listening live streaming songs at the Google play services, getting your days without it is quite a complicated thing. So, we are here to solve your issues that are facing while Google play stuck trying to upload music.

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Different Causes and Their Solution Why Google Play Music Upload Stuck

The first thing you need to do is acknowledge the possible causes that are not making your download your favorite music to your mobile phones. It can be possibly any of the reason described below:

Cause 1: Internet Connection Stuck

Sometimes our cell phones show that is connected to the wi-fi or the phone data. But in the real sense, no connection is being made which can halt your uploading process.

Solution: To solve such a problem, one can reboot the phone to get the desirable internet data to the phone. Click here to find more solutions to fix internet connection stuck on Smartphone.

Cause 2: Using a Single Google Account on More Than One Device

Using a single Google account on more than one device can make you in a fix. As the Google account can be accessed only at one device only at a time. If someone else is also accessing your account, then you can buy or upload to any song anytime. Even if you are trying to access your account on PC while your account on your mobile phone is logged in, even then you cannot access the Google play services at a time.

Solution: First, you need to log out from one of the devices and again start your browsing.

Cause 3: Getting Confused with Your Multiple Google Accounts

Well, humans are meant to admit mistakes. Getting confused with your multiple Google accounts is not a big deal. Sometimes, we buy a song from some other Google account and try to listen to it from some other account. These kinds of activity are not at all permissible. You need to access any particular song from the account in which you have bought it but not some other which may be yours only.

Solution: You can simply switch to the other Google account through the setting options available in your Google play store app.

Cause 4: Forget to Make The Amended Changes in Account like Password

Sometimes, we reset the password for our Google account. But, we forget to make the amended changes in our Google play music app. It also leads to the Google play music upload stuck. The app will not grant you the permission to listen to your favorite songs or make any other update in the app.

Solution: You can login your account and give the permission to Google Play Music app.

Cause 5: You are still using an outdated version

The platform on which your Google app is being run is very important. You must use the latest updated version of the android as the latest updated version of the Google play music will better run on the latest models only. Some configurations run only on the latest updated browsers only.

Solution: Please update the latest version of the app.

Cause 6: Some Unwanted Software Can Blocks Your Music Players

Apart from all these aspects, your Google play music upload stuck on processing. This can really baffle you anytime. You get to all the right parameters described and even then you are not able to play your favorite playlist.

Solution: Just calm down and think of any new addition to any app or data that you have recently uploaded to your device and after which you are not able to get your heartthrob numbers. Nonsupportive nature of some extensions can make your Google play music at the halt. Some software blocks your music players and even spread the virus in your apps. So, one needs to beware of this malware.

Cause 7: Uploading Non-Supportive Extensions to Google Play Music

The file formats that the Google accepts are MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC and many more. If you try to download the songs of any other extension that is not supported by the Google extensions, then you cannot play such songs on your device.

Solution: Only upload MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, and others file formats.

Cause 8: Your Limit Has Over

You can download the maximum of 50,000 songs in your single account. Well, the music lovers get baptized in the different level of the music and get to the extreme buying of the songs and they really don’t realize that they have exceeded their maximum limit which can stop them from buying any more songs.

Solution: Well, there is a prior solution to it that you can start buying the songs from any other Google account accessed by you.

Cause 9: App Cache

The chances are rare that your playlist and your play do not synchronize with each other. But, this happens. Yes, sometimes you can watch your favorite playlist in front of you but the hard thing that you are not able to play your favorite song on your clicks.

Solution: One thing you can do is clear all the cache and app data of your device and then rebooting your device can give you some ease. Well, even if this does not works, simply give a factory reset to your device and start all over again. You will surely gain over the songs that you have earlier bought but your phone data will surely be lost.

Cause 10: We have changed our Phone

When we change our phone, we quickly install the Google play music app on our device. When it does not work on our device, we get disappointed.

Solution: We usually forget that we need to first deny all our permissions to the app in our old phone and log out of the device. Delete the app and then download it to our new phone and again grant all the required permissions.

Cause 11: Google Payment Failure

When everything goes good, upload to Google music play upload stuck because of the payment failure. The app sometimes does not accept the payment modes that you have entitled.

Solution: One thing you can try is restarting your app and entering the correct card details or you can directly call the help centers on their prescribed numbers.

Cause 12: Google play music upload stuck chrome

The problem of using Google play music upload stuck chrome is still unresolved. Solutions are being amended but still, they are some users that are not able to get over them. With the chrome cast, the addresses are not sent properly within the device and hence, playing of songs becomes impossible.

Well, we can say that if problems arrive in any of the application, regular testing and development works are being done by the people of the company to resolve them so that the users do not face any kind of harassment. Nothing comes without the holes and so does this app that lets you enjoy your free time with no company required by you but you and your favorite playlist. Some other competitors are also in the league that is progressing to provide the same features and facilities to the music lovers but Google remains the best with its unique style and comfort to its utility holders.

Please tell us in the comment box if these tips and tricks will work for you. If it didn’t then also write what problem you are facing.

How to View Hidden Conversations on Skype

How to view hidden conversation on Skype

How to View Hidden Conversations on Skype?

According to latest technology trend, we all are getting addicted to the latest gadgets and devices while using different applications for the chat messaging. Increasing the demands of chats messaging applications, companies are also increasing their security level. Nowadays, you have all the privacy options to secure the security of your account. Many of us use these privacy options but sometimes we forget them. So now we will tell you how to view hidden conversations on Skype.

How to show hidden conversation on Skype

We all know there are many programs available on the web to communicate with each other through internet mode.

Skype is one of the most advanced application programs that use text, call, and video chat to communicate the process. We all know Skype is most loved platform for the top operating systems like windows and mac. Skype makes life easy for millions of people, mostly for the large companies that mostly communicate their business through Skype calls.

While communication on any kind of messenger, we try to create privacy for personal security. But you can protect your privacy by hiding your Skype communication text, calls especially when you are in a crowded place or when other people have access to your computer/laptop or other devices.

Since hiding a call record or instant text messaging session won’t delete permanently. You can restore your conversations at any time whenever you need.

Apart from that, there is no way to unhide a single conversation only restoring the conversations requires viewing hidden conversations on skype

How to show hidden conversation on Skype

We have tested this process and we are able to view our hidden conversation in Skype. Please read the steps, how to view the hidden conversation in Skype.

How do you show hidden conversation on Skype for Windows User:

  1. Launch your Skype and your account by using your Skype login details.
  2. Check your contact list organized in groups.
  3. On the top menu bar click on the “Contacts” menu located, then scroll down the drop-down menu and click on the “Hide Contact Groups” Skype hides the contact groups.

How to show hidden messages on Skype For Mac user:

  1. Click on the “View” menu and want to hide offline contacts.
  2. Uncheck the “Show offline contacts” option.

You can view all of your conversations on Skype by using this simple process. We are trying hard to help you with the technology tips and tricks. We want to you read and apply to your daily life and make your easy. You can also share this with your friends. If this trick worked for you then please give us a comment.

How To Check Your Mobile Number Linked With Your Aadhaar Card?


February is to end now and 31st March 2018 will also be coming soon. By March 31, if your mobile number is not linked to the Aadhaar Card, your number will be closed. Many of you will be those who have linked the base to a mobile number but the question is whether or not your number is actually linked to the Aadhaar Card, how will it be known? So let us tell you how to do it.

Find out by dialing this number

In fact, the government had asked verification of all telecom companies from mobile users through OTP from January 1, 2018, to OTP. For this, a toll-free number 14546 has been issued ie you can dial this number by dialing your mobile number to find out if your Aadhaar Card is linked to mobile or not.

Also, you can also tell that even if your Aadhaar number is linked to mobile but it is mandatory to do verification again. By dialing the number 14546, you can get your verification done. After dialing this number you will be asked the Aadhaar Number and after that, an OTP will come to your mobile number and you will be asked for OTP. After dialing the OTP, your mobile number will be verified or not verified.

Senior Citizens Can Check by this Link at Home

Airtel has also made live online mobile verification for senior citizens, NRIs, and Divisions. Now the mobile number can be verified from Aadhaar number from Airtel’s website sitting in the house. This service is for citizens of more than 70 years of age. For this, customers have to go to or and follow the stated steps. The procedure for Senior Citizens, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and Divisions is the same.

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Samsung 4g Mobile Under 5000 to 7000 Rupees

Samsung 4g Mobile Under 5000

In this techy world, everyone is looking for smart technology and upgrading himself. As people are going for latest technology as technology is also upgrading. In India, many people are waiting for budget technology and as they cannot afford costly smartphones. So that, in this article, we have come up with Samsung 4g Mobile under 5000 to 7000 rupees.

Samsung 4g Mobile Under 5000

Brand Like Samsung

Samsung is one of the most contagious brands in the world started its venture from Korea and has now established its landmark throughout all the countries of the world. No part of our globe is unpatched with the applications of Samsung gadgets. The company came in to being in 1969 being an Electronics Company but has now spread its web in all the possible sectors related to it. The Samsung mobile phones are one of the most promising products of the company.

Every other person has accessed the mobile phones made by the company Samsung and no one can say that these phones are not worth. Well, the best part of these phones is that they provide you the best of all the applications and other features within a very budgeted price that no any other phone can provide you. In this economic world, Samsung came with an idea of the economical phone that can give pleasure to the pockets of all.  Every handset made by the company makes its own success history with various brand ambassadors linked to it.

People actually wait for the release of new Samsung phones as they know pretty well that company will give something new at cheap prices but exclusive features that can never make you feel less than others.

With the advanced technology of the 4g world, every smartphone needs to support 4g network and so does Samsung. But, one thing that you can find in this very brand but not really in others is that you can get Samsung 4g mobile under 5000.

Samsung 4g Mobile Under 5000 – 7000 in India

Here, we have a list of top Samsung 4g volte mobile under 5000 to 7000.

  1. Samsung Z2
  2. Samsung Z4
  3. Samsung Galaxy J1
  4. Samsung Galaxy On5
  5. Samsung Galaxy J2-2017

4g Mobile Samsung Under 5000

Samsung Z2

Samsung Z2 4g Mobile

Samsung Z2 mobile was launched on August 29, 2016, under the category of smartphone. This mobile has the dual micro sim slot. This phone is installed the Tizen v2.4 operating system. Samsung Z2 run over 1.5 GHz Quad-Core (Cortex A7) processor with 1 GB ram. Well, if we talk about display then we get 4.0 inches TFT screen with the resolution of 480×800 pixels. This phone has the rear camera of 5MP and front camera of 0.3MP. It also has rear LED flash. With 1500 mAH battery is ok for run 5-6 hours. Samsung Z2 supports the 4G LTE, GSM networks. Samsung Z2 has internal storage of 8GB, and you can also extend by the external memory card. In the box, you will get the handset, battery, travel adapter and headset. The price of this Samsung 4G volte mobile under 5000 is Rs. 4650/- only.

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Samsung Z4

4g mobile Samsung under 5000

Samsung Z4 mobile was launched 2016, under the category of smartphone. This mobile has the dual micro sim slot. This phone is installed the Tizen v3.0 operating system. Samsung Z4 run over 1.5 GHz Spreadtrum Quad-Core processor with 1 GB ram. Well, if we talk about display then we get 4.5 inches with the resolution of 480×800 pixels. This phone has the rear camera of 5MP and front camera of 5MP. It also has front and rear flash. With 2050 mAH battery is ok for run 5-6 hours on calling. Samsung Z4 supports the 4G VOLTE, 4G LTE, GSM networks. This Samsung Z4 mobile has inbuilt storage of 8 Gb and you can also extend it with the external memory card up to 128GB. This phone also supports 3G connectivity. It has Bluetooth version 4.0, Wi-Fi version 802.11 b/g/n(2.4 GHz). You will also get the accelerometer and proximity sensor. In the box, you will get the handset, headset, data cable, battery, travel adapter, back cover and product user guide. The price of this Samsung 4g mobile under 5000 is Rs. 5790/- only.

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Samsung Galaxy J1

 samsung 4g volte mobile under 5000

Samsung Galaxy J1 equipped with dual sim type. This phone runs over Android Lollipop 5.1.1. The processor of this phone is Quad-Core 1.3 GHz. Samsung Galaxy J1 comes with the internal storage of 8 GB and 1 GB Ram. The primary camera of this phone is 5.0 MP which has beauty mode. You can also record HD videos. The display size of this mobile under 5000 4g Samsung is 4.5 inch with 480×800 pixels of resolution. The mobile doesn’t support OTG. In the box, you will get the handset, charger, earphones, battery and user guide. The price of this Samsung 4g mobile under 5000 is Rs. 6590/- only.

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Samsung Galaxy On5

Samsung Galaxy On5

Samsung Galaxy On5 is great 4g mobile Samsung under 5000 to 7000. The processor of this phone is 1.3 GHz Exynos 3475 Quad-Core. The phone supports multiple operating frequency bands. Samsung Galaxy On5 is a dual sim phone. This phone runs over Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. It has internal storage of 8 GB. You can also extend this storage by the external microSD card up to 128 GB. The phone has the primary camera of 8 MP with some features like Modes – Auto, beauty face, interval slot, one touche shoot, flash support, continuous shot, and panorama etc. Its secondary camera is of 5 MP and its features are pro-selfie, wide selfie and palm gesture selfie. Samsung Galaxy On5 equipped with the LED flashlight. You can also record full HD videos. The video recording resolution is 1920×1080 pixels. This phone supports 4G volte and 4G LTE. Battery capacity of this phone is 2600 mAH. In the box, you will get the handset, data cable, battery, travel adaptor and user guide. The price of this Samsung 4g mobile under 5000 is Rs. 6899/- only.

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Samsung Galaxy J2-2017

Samsung Galaxy J2 2017

Samsung Galaxy J2 mobile was launched 2017, under the category of smartphone. This mobile has the dual micro sim slot. This phone is installed the Android Lollipop 5.4.1 operating system. Samsung Galaxy J2 run over 1.3 GHz Quad-Core processor with 1 GB ram. Well, if we talk about display then we get 4.7 inches with the resolution of 540×960 pixels. This phone has the rear camera of 5MP and front camera of 2MP. It also has front and rear flash. With 2000 mAH battery is ok for run 5-6 hours on calling. Samsung Galaxy J2 supports the 4G VOLTE, 4G LTE, GSM networks. This Samsung Galaxy J2 mobile has inbuilt storage of 8 Gb and you can also extend it with the external memory card up to 128GB. This phone also supports 3G connectivity. It has Bluetooth version 4.1, Wi-Fi version 802.11 b/g/n(2.4 GHz). You will also get the accelerometer and proximity sensor. In the box, you will get the handset, headset, data cable, battery, travel adapter, back cover and product user guide. The price of this Samsung Galaxy J2 is Rs. 6990/- only.

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Why people prefer Samsung phones?

Samsung mobile phones are everyone’s choice because of its various lucrative reasons. Some of them are prescribed as below:

Verified with Exclusive Features

The respective phones come with all the advanced features that are equipped in other smartphones being provided by other companies. These phones are not very costly but they provide you all the specifications realized by you in these advanced technological worlds.

Easy to Operate

These phones are the handset of every age group. Not only the young educated persons can operate it but the people of all age groups can easily understand its functions that are being provided in various languages familiar with the user. With all the functions like the camera phone, reminders, alarm clocks, touch screen display, 4g network are equipped in the best 4g Samsung mobile phone under 5000.

Imposing Performance of The Phones

These phones not only come with the features but also give an excellent performance even after many years of its purchase. They give the same throughput and thus, have a long durability.

Easy Maintenance

Buying phone is not a difficult thing. One can spend the money for buying it but the maintenance charges that one has to occur later are more hurting. The Samsung smartphones give you easy maintenance phones that do not require any regular maintenance but any damage requires to be fixed. Even for this, the repair of the Samsung phones is very easily available with almost all the repairing centers.

Customer Care Assistance

The Samsung Company provides with the 24-hour assistance to its users. Every corner of the country is provided with a proper customer care assistance that solves all the doubts and queries of its users.

These are some of the attractive notching of the Samsung Mobile phones under 5000 4g that can make you buy them from any traditional market or from online markets.

Conclusion of Best 4g Samsung Mobile Under 5000

Thus, one can say that the Samsung mobile phones are the best-suited one for the people of all age groups and categories. The company is most likely to release all the new products that can give a cut-throat competition to the other companies in the league. Well, the challenge to witness will be the release of these products at a budgeted price for the people. According to us, Samsung Galaxy On5 is the best 4g Samsung mobile under 5000. It has some good features and configuration as compared to others. We hope that this article will help you for Samsung 4g mobile under 5000 and we will update this list as Samsung company will come up with the new budget smartphone. So if you have any queries related this list you can comment here.

Use of Mobile Services Will Be Able to Working During Air Travel, Know How Will Work

mobile in flight

Indian carriers will soon be able to use the Internet and make calls at the time of flight. So far the internet cannot be used or invoked during a trip to the plane. But recently, TRAI has recommended that both domestic and international airlines should have the facility of both calling and the Internet. After attaining the height of 3000 meters of the aircraft, these services will be availed.

In his recommendation, TRAI said that the airlines will be able to provide some internet and Wi-Fi services to their passengers with certain conditions. This will allow computer and internet services to be started by flying the aircraft.
But mobile services will have to wait for the aircraft to reach the altitude of more than 3000 meters. The use of mobile can be a hindrance to aircraft operations and communication. That’s why the height of 3000 meters has been kept for mobile use.

mobile in flight

TRAI suggests this: TRAI has recommended introducing a new category as “IFC Service Provider” for in-flight services in Indian Airspace. For this, the IFC service provider will have to register themselves in the Department of Telecommunications. Although it does not have to be an Indian company for that. TRAI recommends that its registration fee is kept for one rupee annually. There will be similar rules for both the Indian and foreign IFC providers.

After listening to this news, quite a lot of people would have wondered, how will the Internet and calling work on the flight? We will try to explain this dilemma in simple words:

There are two ways to access your device at the height of the Internet signal on the internet signal:

First, with the help of mobile broadband towers on the ground, which sends the signal to the aircraft’s antenna. As you move around the plane at different places, the plane automatically takes the signal from the nearest tower. But if you are leaving a water or a remote area, connectivity can be a big problem. Here is another way of working.

Another way is to use satellite technology. Connects with Plans Satellite and sends signals and receipts through receivers and transmitters on Earth. These stalites are the same, which are used to complete television signals, weather information, and military operations. The information is connected to the nearest Satellite signal with the help of antenna mounted on your smartphone from your smartphone. WiFi signal is distributed to all passengers via an on-board WIFI router.
In this way, you can also use the Internet and Calling during the flight. This facility is already given in quite a few airlines.

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How to Clean Tech Gadgets

clean tech gadgets

From kids as young being four years old also younger to ancestors and grandmothers quite over 80, most everyone is taking hold of the wonderful tech gadgets we call smart devices.

These devices appear in all sorts of aspects sizes, colors. And these devices full array of characteristics to meet everyone’s different peculiarities. From these with very few to spare to these with infinite holes, most own a smart idea within their charge range.

For maximum users of smartphones including records, social networking, games, song, videos, getting photos, and transferring phone signals. However, with that increasingly responsible mini-computers in our games, are we getting the much advantage of them?

To discover just how powerful our devices are, we must recognize where the power stops. This ability is in communication. As one view at the advances in technology, one can see whereby almost every one of them are in line with better knowledge.

Mobile Cellular Networks

Items are jam-packed including tech gadgets and supporting them to connect faster and stay connected abundant. Cellular networks should improve original analog types to 4G, among 5G technology and so on. Now being the show, all for faster data upload including download.

Apart from Cellular networks, media are also starting use of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, Mobile Pay, UMA. Bigger sets and more effective hardware continue allowing these devices to have users connected for more extensive and more elongated! Among all that power, the problem is what are we all reporting to?

The call immediately is for the community to get hold of the things they have brought in, including using them not to change their own lives, simply the journals of others. If we, as a population, embrace many services that are available to us thanks to these things, we could become the exception we wish to understand.

Imagine a boyhood without a cell phone. Wheresoever Google, heat, including light, do not exist. Now, the little idea of spending battery toward our cell phones in the center of the day can throw some into feeling panic attacks. Forget conference, where we are as a nation; it is difficult to go a day without utilizing science including tech gadgets in our everyday lives. The vital interest of science and technology described by how it is forever, always circling us. More frequently than not, we should no idea how diverse we are indeed changed every particular day. The power to brighten a dark room, the carrier that transports us where we wish to go – All recognition to the universe of science and technology.

Home Cleaning

For instance, a recreational means galloping forward the road and getting mud, or perhaps a home that has been through the center of a storm. There are lots of reasons to catch it up a notch, including, for this reason. Several people favor using a steam pressure washer to keep themselves what would unless being quite a little of a hassle. You have lots of choices if it comes to getting a pressure washer, of a hot water vapor pressure washer over an electric pressure washer. Nobody whatever it is you need, there is juice out there for that, and Daimer seems, in fact, have any of the world’s best including most tech gadgets seasoned pressure washer technology ready more info here.

An instance of these settings is the Connect App. This mobile questionnaire is designing to promote effective communication among municipalities and cities. It explains processes before-mentioned as wiring faults and watching the fault situation from beginning to end, giving news and supervising various municipal statements.

Through the Connect App, one can present fault features such as pictures, descriptions, and also GPS locations. Many progress states of faults can be observed in real time, therefore certainly in evidence, that the state would let one know when someone is on site making a mistake. If the setting is dissatisfactory, or the difficulty is not set accurately, one can tell the municipality directly.

Using Different Apps

Users of this app can track their profit statements at any point of the period for many descriptions, and never repeatedly be shocked by a high bill, as people can monitor their way. One would nevermore complain regarding lack of information. As the district can inform voters before of time. About matters such as power cuts, blocked roads, water channels or any other public issues.

Overall, such the potential to increase response times to issues, make lapses much more comfortable to report. Overall, decrease expenses for the district, which encompasses you. Difficulties such as waiting in lines or questioning whether anything is regarding any faults work straight out of the shutter.

The power to create variety, in the palm of your support.

Just one of several ways we as a community could catch an enormous success of the power in our cards. Developers, both modern and old, are producing various little solutions to meet common challenges, and create your world entirely. In fact, the ability to create a difference is open to you, right at your fingertips.

The decision is yours; the control is in hands.

Comio S1 Price, Specifications, Top Features To Know

Comio S1 Price, Specifications, Top Features To Know 1

Comio S1, a uni-body metal design smartphone, launched this year is one of the best Smartphones in the market today. Comio S1, priced at Rs 8999/-, has all the features that one may want in a smartphone. Some of the key Comio S1 features are described below. Have a look at them.

Comio S1

Comio S1 Top Features To Know

  1. A design to impress: People dress to impress, the same way Comio S1 is designed to impress. It is a uni-body metal design phone that may make you look at it again and again. Comio S1’s textured frames can add much to your style statement. Pick your favorite shade as Comio S1 comes in two beautiful new colors of Royal Black and Sunrise Gold.
  2. Finger Print Scanner: Now be hassle-free as Comio S1 has a fingerprint scanner. Forget to type your password again and again. Just a mere touch is enough to unlock your phone and you have all the access.
  3. Android 7.0. Nougat: Comio S1 runs on Android 7.0 Nougat which is the seventh major version of the Android Operating system. You don’t have to worry about updating your new Smartphone in the first place.
  4. 4G VoLTE/ VoLTE: Get superior voice call quality as Comio S1 comes with 4G VoLTE that enables HD voice calling Service over 4G LTE rather than a 2G/3G network. Make faster calls than ever because you get twice as fast call connectivity as you are currently using.
  5. 2GB RAM & 32 GB internal Storage: Comio S1 comes with 2GB of RAM and its packs a 32GB of internal storage which is more than enough. You can store as much data as you want and still you will be having a lot of memory. You can also expand your android mobile phone‘s memory to up to 128GB with a MicroSD Card.
  6. 13MP Rear and 8MP front camera: Comio S1 has a 13MP Primary camera along with an 8MP Front camera for capturing your life moments the best way. You can click fairly detailed landscapes and macros with your Comio S1’s primary camera. Selfie lovers also get a classic 8 MP front camera. The rear camera supports a ‘Bokeh’ feature. ‘Bokeh’ is supposed to focus on a subject while the background is blurred. You can also choose Beauty features, effects, and filters to choose from before taking a picture of an old photo, focus, dew, cool color etc. Your photography days are right here, we say.
  7. 2700 mAh Battery: Comio S1 is one of the most energy efficient smartphone. You can use it all day and still not run out of battery. You get 14.3 hours of talk time and 145 hours standby with Comio S1’s 2700mAh battery. So now forget the hassles of charging your smartphone every few hours.

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TRAI Will Get 1,000 Mbps Speed from This Affordable Internet

TRAI Will Get 1,000 Mbps Speed from This Affordable Internet

The telecom department is planning to allocate the backhall spectrum, including the E and the V band connecting mobile towers, via auction. This is contrary to the suggestion of the telecom regulator TRAI to allocate it on a fixed amount.

An official source told the media, “In the telecommunications department, the group working on microwave access and microwave backbone is in favor of allocating the spectrum of the E and V band by auction.

Data will get speed of 1000 mbps

A report prepared by the committee in this regard is to be presented in the December 21 meeting of the Telecom Commission. ‘ The E band has frequencies of 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz. V band has frequencies of 57-64 GHz. Under these two bands the data can be sent at speeds of up to 1000 mbps.

Reduction in costs

This band can make the task of telecom companies easier because it can reduce the cost of laying their optical fiber cable. It is notable that the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) can offer a rebate of 50 per cent for each 250 MHz slot of E-Band and Rs. 10,000 for three years from the date of earlier allotment in this band.

Will be reviewed every five years

V-band has suggested to allocate 50 MHz of each slot at a fixed rate of 1,000 years. TRAI has also said that the value of E and V band should be reviewed in view of their use in five years.

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WiFi Will Now Run from the Cloud, the Unique Technology Offered by This Company


Mojo Networks, a company that offers state-of-the-art Wi-Fi services to the corporate world including government institutions and financial institutions, has planned to expand the cloud-based Wi-Fi network in the country.

The company says Wi-Fi’s cloud-based technology is more secure and comfortable than traditional Wi-Fi services. Mojo Networks co-founder and president Kiran Deshpande said, “The company aims to provide such cloud-based Wi-Fi services at a large scale in the country. For this, the server should be hosted in India. ‘

More warehouses in public WiFi

The President of the company, Deshpande said that there is more hardware available in the public to provide public Wi-Fi services at large than traditional technology and safety issues arise.

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He said that, under traditional technology, 53 rake machines are required for 10 lakh access points (AP), but only 12 rakes are sufficient for this in cloud-based technology.

The server can be hosted anywhere in the country

Apart from this, dependence on labor force is also reduced due to adoption of new technology. The company’s co-founder and chief technical officer Pravin Bhagwat said that under this technique, hosting the server at any one place can provide Wi-Fi service in any part of the country.

Same technology in geo

Bhagwat said that Mukesh Ambani’s telecom company Reliance Jio has adopted the same technology of Mojo. He said, the cloud-based technology has been developed through Artificial Intelligence in such a way that it recognizes the difficulties encountered in the network and removes them.

The network automatically resolves the problem

Under the conventional service, there is a lot of time in the network to fix it when there is a problem in the network, and the engineers also have to send it, but cloud-based technologies do not have such problems.

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Do you know about 5 features of Google Maps, try it today

5 features of Google Maps
You may have known better about Google Maps but in this post, we will tell you about some of the features that you may not know about.
5 features of Google Maps

At present, the smartphone has become an important part of our life. Through this, many tasks can be easily done. One of these works is finding the way. Almost every smartphone comes pre-installed on Google Maps. Through this, users can find any way. Most importantly, if this app is already present in your phone, then the app does not even have a problem with viruses or hangs in the phone. Well you may have known better about Google Maps but in this post, we will tell you about some of the features that you probably would like to try.

Zooming is easy:

If you are going somewhere using Google Maps, then obviously you can not use both hands to operate it. If you want to zoom the map, then you just have to double tap on the map. This will zoom the map and you will also be able to adjust it.

Make Personal Map:

You can also create your own map on Google Map. For this you have to go to the menu and click on the place. After that click on the map and then create map. From here you can customize the map. You can also share it with your friends.

Find Stops in Travel:

You can also take a break while traveling. This means that you can use the Multiple Stop feature on Google Map. Putting Point and Destination in it. Three dots will be given equal to the starting point, which you will get the stop option. However, this feature is only provided in iOS.


If you like a place, you can rate it. You can also add descriptions as well. For this you will go to the menu and get an option.

Share Your Location:

Here you can share your current location with anyone. Not only this, you will also be aware of what your friend’s location is.