Banks functioning in Jalandhar back on track, cash transaction reaches Rs 200 crore

Banks functioning in Jalandhar back on track

The business of banks in the district has started coming back on track. In ordinary days, there was a transaction of 200 crores rupees daily in banks, forty thousand checks were used for clearance. During the lockdown, cash transactions were reduced to Rs 40 crore in April. Check clearance was also estimated to fall by up to 60 percent.

As the lock-down eased, banks’ business began to arrive as usual. Bank arrangements say that cash transactions were 60 crores in April, 80 crores in May and 120 crores in June. It increased to 220 crores in July. Now the customer will not have to deal with shortage of cash in banks. Now like normal days, forty thousand checks are being looked for for clearance.

Due to the opening of industry and other businesses, the business of banks has also returned to track. Explain that there are more than 700 bank branches in the district.

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