10+ Best Cheap projector Under 100- (2019) – Buying Guide

best cheap projector under 100

best cheap projector under 100Having a movie theater at your home is such an amazing experience. Every person lures to watch high quality HD movies and watch alluring football matches at a big screen at their comfort place only.

Doing your favorite activity at your comfort zone only is what one can aspire for the best. You can make your home a movie theater and invite your friends and your relatives for a party and make your life a happening one.

It is not only useful for the adults but also for the kids as it can help them in viewing educational videos. It is widely used in many offices for the presentation purposes and training through videos.

Top 10 Projectors under $100 

Projectors are such a device that can entertain you as well as make your work easier in a way. This modern technology has benefited many with its alluring specifications.

Gone are those days when the projectors were quite costly and only people who need it in their business could buy it or some rich personas who want to have a lavish life could afford it.

Now, every other person can buy it in their budget with the pocket friendly process of the different kinds of projectors. We can help you to acknowledge the best cheap projector under 100 with this article.

The list given below will surely help you to decide the best projector for your needs. As per the specifications, you can decide the best suited one for you.

List of the best cheap projector under 100 for you

DR.J 1800 Lumens 4inch Mini ProjectorDR.J 1800 Lumens 4inch Mini Projector: This LCD projector is one of the most compatible projector for the modern technology devices. The DR.J projector is equipped with the number of specifications. This 4 inch mini projector saves your energy and is better than many projectors with its brighter vision and quality of image. The most astonishing fact is that it offers three years money back warranty along with it if the user is not satisfied with the product.

Specifications of the product are as given below:

1.The projector has 40,000 hours lamp life with 1800 lumens projection.

2. It is quite compatible with many devices such as Amazon Fire TV stick, set up box, laptops, DVD players, SD cards, tablets, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones etc.

3. The size of the projection varies from 32 inches to 176 inches with the resolution of 1920*1080.

4. Other than this, it is almost compatible with all types of OS based devices

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DB Power 1200 Lumens LED Portable Projector

DB Power 1200 Lumens LED Portable Projector: This projector is called the budget projector because it comes with less cost as compared to the other projectors that are available in the market within these specifications. This hi-tech projector gives you quality that too under your budget which makes it the most demanding in the market among the masses.

Specifications of this projector are as given below:

1. The color brightness of the projector is up to 1200 lumens which is quite high along with the prior resolution of 800*840.

2. It has a displaying range of 50”-150” and thus is considered best for the movie watch and spending good time with your family.

3. It has a cornerstone correction of 15 degrees

4.The contrast ratio of video is 1000:1.

5. One can play games also but it is actually not meant for gaming purposes.

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DB Power 1200 Lumens LED Portable Projector

Crenova XPE 470 Mini LED Video Projector:  This well embedded features projector comes with ultra specifications within a small box only that caters all the things within for all the functionality. The mini LED projector has the entire impressive feature that one requires for a rear HD video.

One can enjoy all the leisure activities with the help of this projector such as watching movies, serials, playing games and many more. These all visions are possible with just 2.4 pounds mini LED projector. The improved technology being improvised in this device gives more luminance and clear vision of the pictures.

The LED technology being used in this projector is high tech and does not affect the eyes of the viewer as compared to the other projectors in the market. The display of the projector can be easily customized with the keystone present at the device itself. The device is entirely manual, which may disappoint some people.

Specifications of the projector are as given below:

1. It is very light in weight and thus is quite portable for the users

2. The imaging technology is made by the TFT LED, which is quite reputed in the market.

3. It has an immediate contrast ratio for the images as 1000:1.

4.The life span of the projector is around 30,000 hours.

5. The device works at a voltage or around 100 to 240V and at a frequency of 50-60 Hz.

6. The device has multiple cable connection spaces so that it can be connected with various devices at a time.

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XINDA Huge Screen Video Projectors

XINDA Huge Screen Video Projectors: XINDA projectors are known for their non-stop smooth working at your workplace. They will never disappoint you in between your work or entertainment time. They can work for continuous of 4 to 5 hours and will not even get hot due to the long consistent working hours. This model of XINDA is specifically known for no breakdown working. One thing that can make user miss it is that it requires a bit long distance for the projection than the average projectors and thus, large spaces are required. No doubt, it is small in size but it’s all functionalities are in full range without any second thought.

Specifications of this projector are as given below:

1. The device is small and sturdy in design and agronomics.

2. It has a displaying range of 30 inches to 100 inches.

3. The luminance of this mini projector is 42.3% more than the other ones in this zone.

4. It has the provision of connectivity of USB, HDMI, SD, AV, VGA and many more

5. It works continuously for around 4-5 hours which is quite beneficial for the business persons.

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CRENOVA XPE460 LED Video Home Projector

CRENOVA XPE460 LED Video Home Projector: If you want a big picture on your screens and enjoy the HD movie watching, then this model is the most apt for you as it gives you 20% more display screen with no any extra energy consumption i.e. no any extra electricity bills will be charged with this extravagant screen size.

It is probably known for spending good times at your homes but not at your office or schools as the screen size is quite bigger that are not compatible for the professional places.

At home you can cover whole of your big wall with the screen and enjoy your time with your friends and family. When it’s quite dark, one can get the real luminance of the projector with the consistent video performance.

The life span of the projector is around 5 years or more, which is worth paying for its cost. The display is enhanced along with a LED lamp provided so as to give more illumination to the display video.

The LED light is like an icing on cake as it consumes very less of energy and gives more of light with the consistent work energy and thus much heat is also not produced. One can enjoy the video experience in the best possible way maintaining a distance of at least 2 meters from the display screen.

There are few keystones functions that let the user customize various parameters such as the screen size, projection ratio, display functions and brightness of the video. Well, quite a big venture of projector requires some rest after every 3 to 4 hours of projection.

Specifications for this projector are as given below:

1.It gives wider and enhanced screen size with the most brighter video watching

2.The ratio of display screen is very compatible as 16:10

3.The display resolution of the projection is 800*480 pixels

4. Along with the USB cable, it has a power cable too in the package.

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Deeplee DP36 LED LCD Mini Projector

Deeplee DP36 LED LCD Mini Projector: This gaming giant is the one that can give you the best play experience with the most clarifying actions and video.

As gamers does not like to compromise in the clarity and resolution of the gaming video, they want the high quality projector to fulfill their needs. Well, this is the one that can fulfill all their needs and that too within a good budget only.

This Mini projector is made quite trendy and standing one in your home decor and adds grace to your home style. The projector is beholding very clear imaging capacity that is never going to disappoint the gamers at any point in between their games.

The weight of the projector is very less i.e. about 1.8 pounds only. One can also enjoy the movie times with their family and friends at any place and time. It is readily available in two colors, namely white and black. Well, it may disappoint the user with bad quality projection lumens for the outdoor stuff entertainment.

Specifications of this projector are as given below:

1.It is a dedicated projector for the home use only for the gaming addicts

2. It is most compatible with various play stations as PS3, PS4, DVDs, PCs, laptop and other smart devices.

3.It has various input ports and in-built speakers also.

4.The most enticing feature is its high resolution picture quality with the crystal clear imaging property

5.The color ratio is really awesome with the contrast ratio of 800:1

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ELEPHAS LED Movie Projector

ELEPHAS LED Movie Projector: If you want to relish the gaming experience or movie watching in the outdoor premises, then ELEPHAS is the best meant for you as its high quality resolution pictures along with the brighter images lets the user enjoy all the video watching experience an elated one.

The recreation box of your home is actually a substitution for the home theater TV you have as it can play all the functions that are embedded in your smart TV at your home. In fact it has much more functions embedded in it.

This projector can also save a lot of your pocket as it is a device with low consumption power and additionally, eco-friendly device, which is quite an impressive feature for any user. Well, no doubt, it is somewhat hard to operate the device for rookie users but, one can adjust for it. Also, the cable provided built-in with the projector are not so functional in its own way.

     Specifications of the projector are as given below:

1. It consumes approximately 70% less power than the normal projector consumption

2. It is embedded with built-in TFT technology in it

3. The display screen of the projector ranges from 30 inches to 150 inches

4. It has an aspect ratio of 16:10, which is good enough

5.  It is available in 23 languages along with the manuals

6.  The keystones are available with the 23% manual functionality

7. It has the supportive functions of USB, HDMI, AV or SD inputs

8. It contains effective LED lamp with 1200 lumens.

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TENKER Q5 Projector

TENKER Q5 Projector: If you want to have indoor fun with your friends and family by watching you tube clips, favorite movie scenes, playing games or some other video watching, then TENKER Q5 is the best option suited for your needs.

This small box is equipped with all the necessary features that any projector requires for the best projection display without disappointing the user in any way.

No matter how size the small of the projection device is, but its display screen is never less than any other device. The device is blemished with the wifi receiver so one has to go for the external dongle for the internet connection, which can make people feel disappointed. Well, the device is impeccable with the internal heat dispenser as it gets heated up after 2-3 hours of continuous usage.

 But, one cannot be dependent upon this internal functionality and must rest the device for few minutes after a short duration. This mid-range budget projector is not so favorite as per its specifications and prices.

Specifications of this projector are as given below:

1. It has 1500 lumens displaying range, which is higher than the normal projectors

2. The display range is from 35 inches to 150 inches, which is quite normal

3. One interesting feature is that its minimum distance for projection is only 2 meters, which is quite less than the others in the league.

4. There is quite less noise of the projection as compared to the others

5. There is a heat dissipation device fitted inside the projector only to cool down the projector at regular intervals and avoid any misconduct of the device

6. Well suited for home entertainment with the mediocre prices

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ANDYER 805B PLUS Portable device: It is well clarified from its name only that it’s quite reliable for the transfer of data and is best known as the efficient portable device.

The rate of transfer of data between the external cards and the projection port is very high and thus, a strong connectivity is formed between the two.

Thus, it gets the data in few seconds only saving your time. It is quite compatible with almost every external device such as DVD, USB device, HDMI, cable connections, laptop, tablets, smart phones, iPad, iPhone, android devices, PS3, PS4, SD cards, Flash devices and many more. It whole, you bring any device and get it connected to the projector without any second thought.

It surely gives a good video experiencing with the high resolution pictures and high lumen screening of the video. You can enjoy your movie time in a small area also as it has the minimum projection distance of just 1.22 meters , which is the minimum distance we have unfolded till now among all the listed projectors.

So, enjoy your leisure time even in your small room only. One negative point in the projector is its button as they are not strong enough and you feel like taking best care of it. The ports connected with the device are also pressure sensitive.

Specifications of this projector are as given below:

1. This device has enhanced brightness and luminous display with the native resolution of 800*400 and 1500 lumen power.

2. The projection range of Andyer projector is 30 inches to 150 inches with minimum projection distance of only 1.2 meters.

3. It gives the ever-lasting video experiencing with its rich and vibrant color display and high quality image formation.

4.The video resolution can go up to 1920*1080, which actually gives almost crystal clear images.

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DEEPLEE DP36 LED LCD Projector: If you are tight on your budget but still aspire to have a projector at your home, and then DEEPLEE is the one that can solve all your queries. You get all the necessary and some extravagant features in this projector but with cheap prices.

 This is the cheapest projector among all that we have discussed till now. This mini projector is made up of sleek and trendy design but with astonishing features to get the most quality picture to you.

 The user interface of this projector is its plus point as it has great hand in it. It entices the heart of the people with its built-in speaker provided to get connected to all the portable devices with it.

The crystal clear images that it provides make it recall with the name “Super Color Technology”. Well, it is undoubtedly for indoor usage only as it has 500 lumens only. But, it will never disappoint you with in indoor entertainment.

As its displaying range is a bit low and lumens too, so, the masses with the expectation of high power in this zone can feel a bit upset.

Specifications of this projector are as below:

1. It is embedded with the TFT technology LED display screen for the better vision and clarity of the images

2. The aspect ratio of the display image is 16:9 and 4:3

3. It can display with the range of 26 inches to 100 inches, which is a bit less than the other projectors. But, this will easily go with the home entertainment.

4. It works within the voltage range of 110V to 240V.

5.  Apart from this, it provides a voltage output range of 5V for the phone charging and other means

6. The low lumen capacity is enough itself for the home theater and entertainment.

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Well, all these projectors are undoubtedly the best performers in their own way. We can never give any best winner to anyone. But, as per the user’s requirements and demands, the best one suited for their needs can be definitely chosen. Picking the best projector must include the picture quality and the lifespan of the projector you want to buy. rest, depends upon the budget of the user too.

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