Building material prices rise by 20 percent, dream of own house ‘expensive’


After the lockdown of three months, there is a shortage of money in the market, so people hoped that things would be cheaper. But nothing happened like this. After the lockdown, the price of building material has gone up by about 20 percent. In such a situation, the people who are dreaming of a new house are feeling very disappointed.

Builders have become expensive due to the increase in the prices of building materials, the builders are also upset. Prices of brick, cement, gravel and sand have gone up. Charanjit Singh Lakki, a big businessman of Building Material, said that the price of brick was Rs 5000 before the lockdown. Which has now risen to 6000 Similarly, the cement was around 350 which is now getting 385. The price of sand has increased from five to six rupees sq ft.

Gravel has also increased by four rupees a square foot. He said the reason for the price rise is not clear. It is also not that demand has increased rapidly as soon as the lockdown opens. Right now only urgent works are being done, but companies have increased the price of cement. Brick owners have increased the price of bricks.


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