Big challenge in front of hotel owners, employees gone home don’t want to return

hotel owners

A new challenge has come before the closed hotel industry opens on June 8 due to the lockdown for nearly two and a half months. The hotel industry, which has lost lakhs of rupees, will now also face a shortage of chefs and other staff. In fact, most of the staff has returned to their home state due to the hotel being closed due to curfew.

Calling them back now can be a problem for hotel operators. This is also important because the employees who have returned from here are now saying through social media what they will do when they do not get their salary. Especially, the employees of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh are not ready to return yet. They are unhappy that neither adequate arrangements were made nor salary was received.

140 hotels in Jalandhar, eight thousand employees

Talking about the district, there are around 140 hotel-restaurants of good category. About eight thousand employees work in them. Most of the employees from Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand in this work are associated, who came here to do a job in hotel management course.

The hotels were closed due to curfew, the hotel operators also had a challenge to stay and pay them with the food arrangements. In such a situation, many hotels abandoned him

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