Check out This Trick If You Want to Record Whatsapp’s Video Calling

Nowadays you can see everybody has a smartphone in their hands and those who have a smartphone will have WhatsApp in their phone. Click here to check how you can delete Whatsapp messages after 7 Minutes.

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But do you know how to record what video calls of WhatsApp? Let’s tell you.

Step 1: There are two options to record video calls of WhatsApp, first of all, your phone has a screen record facility or your phone has a screen recorder app.

Step 2: If your phone has screen record facility then record from there. But if your phone does not already have a screen recorder, first download the Screen Recorder app from Google Play Store.

Step 3: Now, open the screen recording app. A recording option will appear on your phone’s display.

Step 4: Now video calling on WhatsApp and tap on the video recording icon. Just your WhatsApp App Video Calling has started. After the call is over you will get the option to stop recording and the recorded video will be found in your gallery.

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