Computer Monitoring Software Review 2020

computer monitoring software

Computer devices are important these days because businesses of the world the data have been shifted to the cloud using contemporary computing machines. You can see that laptop and desktop devices are available on every business firm, banking sector, education institutes, and even the entire corporate sector are dependent on these devices.

Youth has also become dependent on computer technology and uses it for education and for entertainment. That’s why businesses and parents these days are looking forward to monitoring the laptop and desktop PCs no time ever before. Business professionals want to monitor employee’s activities in working hours and parents want to make sure kid’s safety online.

What is the computer monitoring Software?


Computer monitoring app is used to track the employee’s productivity and make sure employees appropriate use of corporate resources. It is particularly developed for the sake of employee monitoring and to set parental control on kid’s laptop devices.

It is full of powerful and perfectly engineered surveillance tools that enable you to keep a hidden eye on target PC running with windows and mac operating systems. It has a user –friendly interface and easy to install within a short time on a laptop device. You can use its web portal on any computer device or cellphone remotely to executive tracking by using its powerful tools.


It is compatible with all contemporary laptop and desktop computing devices running with windows and mac operating systems.

Powerful features of a computer tracking software for windows

computer monitoring software

Windows browsing history

Get access to the online dashboard and activate the browsing history tool and it will start inspecting all the visited websites and bookmarked pages on target desktop windows PC with a time stamp.

Surround recorder

It empowers you to control windows device MIC remotely and allow you to record surround conversations, voices, and sounds.

Computer camera photos

Moreover, you can capture images taking control over the front camera of the device with camera photo tracking software.

Windows tracking location

If you have lost your windows laptop pc or get theft then you can use GPS tracking app for windows and you can trace the exact and current location of your device and further you can get to know location history on the MAP.

Windows keylogger

You can easily capture and record keystrokes applied on PC and you can get password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, and password keystrokes

Powerful features of mac monitoring software

MIC bug

You can use mac surveillance software in order to remotely control the target laptop device MIC using the MIC bug app. It empowers you to record and listen to the surroundings of the device and further you are able to listen to voice s and sounds.

Camera Bug

Get control over the target mac device front camera using a camera bug app. it enables parents and employers to know who is up to the device.

Screen recording

You can perform live screen recording of a mac computer screen in real-time using screen recorder software. Further, you can record back to back short videos that you can see via the web portal.

Keystrokes logging

You can capture live keystrokes applied on the mac laptop desktop device likewise, passwords, messages, messenger, and email keystrokes.


Use TheOneSpy computer surveillance app on mac and windows PC to perform digital parenting and employee monitoring to make sure kids safety and measure productivity respectively.

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