Difference Between ecr and non ecr category

Indian Passport

Difference Between ECR and NON ECR Category

Many of us want to travel abroad and to travel abroad you need a passport. There are two categories in Indian passport which is ECR and NON ECR. Here, in this article, we will tell you the difference between ECR and NON ECR category in the Indian passport.

ECR and Non ECR Indian Passport
How to Know Passport is in ECR or Non ECR category?

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What is Passport?

Passport is the travel identity of a person. That means, whenever you want to travel out of your country, you need to carry out your passport. No matter you have taken your clothes and other belongings along with you but passport should not be left out anywhere.

It is the most important thing to carry along with you while traveling abroad. It is the legal authorization by your country to travel abroad. This simply means that your country is allowing you to travel out of your country.

What information my passport have?

You passport basically consists of various pages such as your full name, recent photograph, your date of birth that is given on your high school certificate, your permanent address and many other personal details. 

All these details must be given very accurately because any of the wrong detail can make your identity suspicious under the embassy of other country and you may not be allowed to enter into their territory.

How to Apply for Passport?

To make a valid passport of your nationality, one can apply online also nowadays. The application form is easily available on the internet and one just need to fill it with the correct instructions. 

You can also get the appointment for your interview at the passport centers for your document verification and validation process.

ECR Meaning VS Non ECR Meaning In Terms of Indian Passport

While, filing the online application forms, one need to acknowledge all the categories properly so as to avoid any problem in the later stages of validation. But, there are some fields and categories that are difficult to understand with for the normal person. 

You have certain question in mind about the following terms 

One of them is the ECR and Non ECR category. A normal person does not understands the difference between the two and sometimes chooses the wrong option which makes them in trouble later on.

ECR category in an Indian passport means

The Indian citizens are categorized in to ECR and Non ECR category on the basis of their matriculate certificate. ECR stands for Emigration Check Required

That means the persons applying for a fresh passport file does not holds the official matriculate (10th pass) certificate from the Indian education system; they are categorized under the ECR category.

ECR stamp of Indian Passport

How to Know About ECR and Non ECR of Indian Passport?  What does ecr category means?

The indian passport with ECR category takes some time for verification but they need to attach various other documents in its substitute. 

This category basically belongs to those people who have not passed their 10th class from Indian schools. These people require the Immigration check to qualify if they are eligible to go to the other country or not.

How to check my passport is in The ECR category?

Indian Passport with ECR category has a stamp over a page. In this stamp, it is clearly mentioned that immigration check is required. If you are traveling to abroad that you need to have clearance from the immigration officer.

For which countries you have to take clearance from the immigration officer:

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Malaysia, Iraq, Jordan, Brunei, Indonesia like countries for which you have to take immigration clearance. But if you are traveling for job purpose then you don’t need any immigration clearance.

What is meaning of non ecr category in indian passport?

Whereas, ECNR vs non-ECR category meaning refers to the non Emigration Check Required category which is for the people who are holding the matriculate certificate from the Indian education system. They need to go any of the Immigration office for any of the verification process.

Once you pass your 10th class, you get a badge of ENCR category and Non ECR caretgory on your passport while, getting a visa for any of the country is a bit different thing. People usually get confused between the ENCR and visa applications.

These two terms ECR and Non ECR are not very confusing but a good clarification is very important for the correct filling of the application form of the passport.

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