Google Play Music Upload Stuck? Here are Steps To Follow

Google Play Music Upload Stuck

Google Play Music is such a power given to the music lovers. You enjoy any music anytime anywhere without any hindrance but just with a smooth internet connection in your device. With no any kind of interruption between you and your love “music”, Google play services are the best-suited option for anybody. You can get the music of any language, genre, and religion. The app is most likely to be installed on the mobile of all the people beholding the smartphones for their utility. Please follow the links if you want to install the app Google Play Music. But, with all the good things comes to some complications too. Sometimes, users face the problem of Google play music upload stuck. Well, this issue can arrive due to any of the reason unknown to you. But, this hindrance in your favorite music time can really disappoint you.

Google Play Music Upload Stuck

Music not only gives you the best entertainment time but is also a soothing factor for most of us. It can make us far away from our stressful lives and make you fly into a different world with your highly imaginative power. What one desires now days is getting instant delivery of your demands. The same we expect in our music likings too. The very instant we feel like listening to any particular song. The cravings to listen to that very song increases and we long to hear our favorite ones only.

Google Play Music Upload Stuck on Processing

I know, you have a pretty good internet connection and even then you are facing such issues that are not letting you download any song of your choice. Well, if you get addict to the habit of listening live streaming songs at the Google play services, getting your days without it is quite a complicated thing. So, we are here to solve your issues that are facing while Google play stuck trying to upload music.

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Different Causes and Their Solution Why Google Play Music Upload Stuck

The first thing you need to do is acknowledge the possible causes that are not making your download your favorite music to your mobile phones. It can be possibly any of the reason described below:

Cause 1: Internet Connection Stuck

Sometimes our cell phones show that is connected to the wi-fi or the phone data. But in the real sense, no connection is being made which can halt your uploading process.

Solution: To solve such a problem, one can reboot the phone to get the desirable internet data to the phone. Click here to find more solutions to fix internet connection stuck on Smartphone.

Cause 2: Using a Single Google Account on More Than One Device

Using a single Google account on more than one device can make you in a fix. As the Google account can be accessed only at one device only at a time. If someone else is also accessing your account, then you can buy or upload to any song anytime. Even if you are trying to access your account on PC while your account on your mobile phone is logged in, even then you cannot access the Google play services at a time.

Solution: First, you need to log out from one of the devices and again start your browsing.

Cause 3: Getting Confused with Your Multiple Google Accounts

Well, humans are meant to admit mistakes. Getting confused with your multiple Google accounts is not a big deal. Sometimes, we buy a song from some other Google account and try to listen to it from some other account. These kinds of activity are not at all permissible. You need to access any particular song from the account in which you have bought it but not some other which may be yours only.

Solution: You can simply switch to the other Google account through the setting options available in your Google play store app.

Cause 4: Forget to Make The Amended Changes in Account like Password

Sometimes, we reset the password for our Google account. But, we forget to make the amended changes in our Google play music app. It also leads to the Google play music upload stuck. The app will not grant you the permission to listen to your favorite songs or make any other update in the app.

Solution: You can login your account and give the permission to Google Play Music app.

Cause 5: You are still using an outdated version

The platform on which your Google app is being run is very important. You must use the latest updated version of the android as the latest updated version of the Google play music will better run on the latest models only. Some configurations run only on the latest updated browsers only.

Solution: Please update the latest version of the app.

Cause 6: Some Unwanted Software Can Blocks Your Music Players

Apart from all these aspects, your Google play music upload stuck on processing. This can really baffle you anytime. You get to all the right parameters described and even then you are not able to play your favorite playlist.

Solution: Just calm down and think of any new addition to any app or data that you have recently uploaded to your device and after which you are not able to get your heartthrob numbers. Nonsupportive nature of some extensions can make your Google play music at the halt. Some software blocks your music players and even spread the virus in your apps. So, one needs to beware of this malware.

Cause 7: Uploading Non-Supportive Extensions to Google Play Music

The file formats that the Google accepts are MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC and many more. If you try to download the songs of any other extension that is not supported by the Google extensions, then you cannot play such songs on your device.

Solution: Only upload MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, and others file formats.

Cause 8: Your Limit Has Over

You can download the maximum of 50,000 songs in your single account. Well, the music lovers get baptized in the different level of the music and get to the extreme buying of the songs and they really don’t realize that they have exceeded their maximum limit which can stop them from buying any more songs.

Solution: Well, there is a prior solution to it that you can start buying the songs from any other Google account accessed by you.

Cause 9: App Cache

The chances are rare that your playlist and your play do not synchronize with each other. But, this happens. Yes, sometimes you can watch your favorite playlist in front of you but the hard thing that you are not able to play your favorite song on your clicks.

Solution: One thing you can do is clear all the cache and app data of your device and then rebooting your device can give you some ease. Well, even if this does not works, simply give a factory reset to your device and start all over again. You will surely gain over the songs that you have earlier bought but your phone data will surely be lost.

Cause 10: We have changed our Phone

When we change our phone, we quickly install the Google play music app on our device. When it does not work on our device, we get disappointed.

Solution: We usually forget that we need to first deny all our permissions to the app in our old phone and log out of the device. Delete the app and then download it to our new phone and again grant all the required permissions.

Cause 11: Google Payment Failure

When everything goes good, upload to Google music play upload stuck because of the payment failure. The app sometimes does not accept the payment modes that you have entitled.

Solution: One thing you can try is restarting your app and entering the correct card details or you can directly call the help centers on their prescribed numbers.

Cause 12: Google play music upload stuck chrome

The problem of using Google play music upload stuck chrome is still unresolved. Solutions are being amended but still, they are some users that are not able to get over them. With the chrome cast, the addresses are not sent properly within the device and hence, playing of songs becomes impossible.

Well, we can say that if problems arrive in any of the application, regular testing and development works are being done by the people of the company to resolve them so that the users do not face any kind of harassment. Nothing comes without the holes and so does this app that lets you enjoy your free time with no company required by you but you and your favorite playlist. Some other competitors are also in the league that is progressing to provide the same features and facilities to the music lovers but Google remains the best with its unique style and comfort to its utility holders.

Please tell us in the comment box if these tips and tricks will work for you. If it didn’t then also write what problem you are facing.

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