Health Department is ready to win the war against Corona Virus. Report will come in 15 minutes.

corona virus

The health department is making every effort to win the battle of corona virus. Now rapid test has been started in Civil Hospital by Health Department.This test started in the hospital on Monday. In the first episode, tests of two media workers were conducted. At present, both the reports have come negative.

This test is done through a device. Antibodies of the body are detected by this test. It determines whether a human is infected or not. In this device, the patient’s blood sample is kept and the report comes in 15 minutes. In the first phase, 20 test kits have been sent to the Civil Hospital. This test is a type of screening. People who come negative in the rapid test will be considered as negatives.

These people can get tested

People who have been feeling, cough, cold and fever for the last seven days. They can come to civil hospital and get this test done. Even if his test is negative, he will have to keep himself quarantined for 7 days. If the report comes positive then the patient will be kept separate. If the patient is found to be corona positive, treatment will be started immediately.


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