How To Highlight Text in Google Docs? Complete Steps

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How do You Highlight Using Google Docs?

Google Docs is a tool that everyone needs it nowadays. Learn how to highlight text in google docs. Here are the simple steps you can follow explained with pictures.

Working in Google docs is not at all difficult but sometimes the user gets stuck with some editing issues such as how to highlight on Google Docs.

Google has provided us with the number of applications and software to aid us in our professional as well as personal works. With its ever helping and easy to access applications has benefited us in several ways.

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The online service provided by Google is for the data storage purpose on the online platform only. The most enticing part of this app is that is available free for its users. It helps the users to work together with your teammates or other employees in the company with the regular update in the worksheet of each of the employee.

One can share as much as data and any kind of memo or document with the other users added to your group. One can access the same document simultaneously without interfering with each of the work.

Looking for Solution? Here are the steps you can follow to highlight in google docs 

Google Docs a Tool That Everyone is Using Nowadays

Google docs are not used only in companies but they are readily used nowadays by teachers and students too. They arrange their data and notes in a very systematic way for their easy utilization.

Working in Google docs is not at all difficult but sometimes the user gets stuck with some editing issues such as how to highlight on Google Docs. This may alter the user every time they need to encounter with such command.

Some can do it somehow but others need help for this work. We are here to help you in your work and will solve all your queries to solve it with our earthly desire. While tools are being provided for each and every function in the Google docs application, even then some manual action is required to complete it with ease.

How To Highlight Text Different Areas in Google Docs?

How to Highlight Background Color of Multiple Words in Google Docs?

Highlighting is an easy part for some while some get confused that how to highlight multiple words in Google Docs.

Step 1: Select the words with the right click option.

Selecting The Words in Google Docs

Step 2: Choose the required highlight color from the option highlight color in menu tab.

Selecting the highlight color in google docs

Step 3: Check the words, if they highlighted or not like the given below snapshot.

Multiple highlighted text in Google Docs.

How to Change Highlighted Background Color in Google Docs?

Highlighting the text once does not complete the work, the highlighted color sometimes does not goes with your theme and you feel like changing it with some other color that can complement the theme also. If you want to know how to change highlight color in Google docs, then follow the given steps.

Step 1: Select the required text again.

Selecting the required text again – Google Docs

Step 2: Choose your required color from the same text color button you chose earlier.

Choose the required Color – Google Docs

Step 3: Congrats, You have changed the highlighted color.

Color has changed Google Docs

How to Highlight Text Color in Google Docs?

To highlight text color in your Google document, follow the following steps.

Step 1: First open the document in the Google docs and then select the text area you want to highlight.

Selecting the text for highlighting – Google Docs

Step 2: Choose the required text color from the option text color in menu tab.​

Select the text color – Google Docs

Step 3: Congrats, You have highlighted the text color in the Google Docs.

Highlighted Text Color – Google Docs

How to Remove Highlights in Google Docs?

Sometimes, the format of the document is such that we are expected to remove all the highlighted text of the document. To accomplish that we need to follow the same steps we followed to highlight the text.

Step 1: Select the highlighted area you want to remove. If you have highlighted certain areas in your whole document, then click somewhere between your document and press ctrl+A to select the whole content of the document.

Selecting Some Text To Remove Highlights – Google Docs

Step 2: Then click the text color button available on the menu bar and select the None option from the highlighted tab. Repeat the same process for highlight text background color by click on the icon of highlight color.

Selecting None Option To Remove Highlights – Google Docs

Step 3: Congrats, You have removed the highlights in the Google Docs.

Removed Highlights – Google Docs

How to Highlight in Google Docs on Computer?

Highlighting text helps the viewer to read the critical data in an easy way and make it easily readable by the third party. We need to follow certain steps to check out how to highlight in google docs on laptop in windows:

Step 1: Click on the text color button available on the menu bar which will probably open a window with two options namely, text and highlight.

Step 2: Click on the highlight option in order to highlight your required area.

Step 3: For highlighting a certain area, select it with the help of mouse.

Step 4: Now go the text highlight button and go the highlighted tab and choose the color with which you want to highlight your required area.

Step 5: Finally, you will get the highlighted text of your color choice.

How to Highlight in Google docs on Ipad?

You can highlight the text on Google docs in iPad with the certain functions given within.

Step 1: To format the fonts of the text, open the document on the Google doc and then go to edit option and double tap on the area you want to format and then select the format option to implement bold, italicize or underline the text.

Step 2: In order to change the font style size or color, you can click on the A tab given on the format tab and then select the required area.

Step 3: As per requirement, the user can choose the font style, color or text color or even highlight color of their choice.

How to Highlight in Google docs on Android devices?

For highlighting the text on the Android devices, follow the following steps:

Step 1: You can simply select the required area for the highlight and click on the letter A present adjacent to the + sign.

Step 2: The menu will pop up with the highlight option in which you can choose your required color to obtain the desired.

How to Highlight in Google docs using Shortcuts?

For highlighting the text in Google Docs using Shortcuts, follow the following steps:

You can access the shortcuts in the Google docs by selecting the list of keyboard shortcuts for pressing ctrl+/ on the keyboard.

This is applicable to both Windows and Chrome OS.

This can also be done by accessing the menu access keys for any application with the help of the keyboard.

We hope that the article was of great use to you to get the highlight work done in the Google docs of your documents. The highlighting not only makes the document more systematic and organized but also draws the required attention to the certain critical areas of the document. With its great usage day by day, new highlight tools are being introduced to the users so that they utilize the application more efficiently and effectively.

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