How To Create A Blog In 7 Steps

how to create a blog

Words have immense power! Blogs give power to your words. No doubt the services and quality which your business offers are of supreme value but how internet users will know about its significance until and unless you convey the same to them. 

Blogs were basically initiated to present a discussion or share information mostly in an informal style. Nowadays they are highly utilized to fill the gap between the business and the customers as well as making the audience aware and connected to your services. Organizations and businesses are seriously incorporating the practice of blogging to leverage business growth.

In This Article, we will guide you on how to create a blog and make money online.

Benefits of Creating A Blog 

Here are the key benefits you can savor by creating and maintaining a blog

  1. Quality and useful blogs can make you stay up in the SERP. Blogs help in boosting the search rankings of the concerned website. 
  2. Improve credibility and trust amidst your audience
  3. For delivering appropriate information and resolving queries.

Create a blog in just 7 easy steps

For creating a blog for an existing or established website, just go ahead with a subdomain and direct it to your primary website. For standalone bloggers, you need to purchase a domain name to gain your online presence. So let’s begin with the steps

  1. Create a blog name

Don’t be in any haste in choosing or framing the right blog name, especially when you are launching your own personal blog. You’ll be carrying this identity worldwide. You can have a mix and match of your name appended to some keyword for attracting SEO merits.  

But in the quest of coming up with some innovative ideas, don’t let your blog name be complex and difficult to comprehend. Short, simple and specific is the key. 

  1. Choose the right extension

.com was the most commonly used TLD (Top Level Domain) in years. But ICANN has released hundreds of creative domains that can serve everyone’s needs and interests.  Some of them being .technology, .food, .cool, .summer, .guru and there is an entire long list to it.

  1. Host your blog

In case you are running an independent blog, once your domain name gets registered, you need to host your blog. This means all your blog contents (images, videos, graphics, etc…) will reside on a web server. This will provide you with various other benefits too such as bandwidth, uptime, storage, backup and many more. Also, many good web hosting companies give you the option of domain registration along with web hosting. 

  1. Use CMS for building your blog

CMS stands for a content management system that is responsible for creating and managing websites and blogs. WordPress ruling the list of CMS. It’s simple to use interface and effective customization option will make your favor it even more. Any beginner can start using WordPress at once. 

  1. Setting up WordPress 

If you are really convinced with the simplicity of WordPress, download and install it free of cost. Though you’ll require to frequently update it for updated plugins and security patches. If technicality is not your cup of tea, then you can explore the option of managed WordPress hosting by SeekaHost

  1. Customize your blog

Start decorating your blog with classy and focused themes. WordPress offers you a variety of themes collection. Moreover, for savoring the additional benefits and enhancement, you need to download WordPress plugins depending upon the features you require. There’s a plugin for almost everything such as security plugin, backup plugin, SEO plugin, etc.

  1. Get set go

Finally, your blog is all set to publish. Use your word power with a solid backing of keyword research and follow the tips and tricks for writing an effective blog.

Above all, blogging is a consistent practice, keep on oiling it for gaining perfection and flow.

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