How To Defeat Armored Bokoblins

how to defeat armored bokoblins

Defeating armored Bokoblins in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a common challenge in the game. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to take them down: how to defeat armored bokoblins

How To Defeat Armored Bokoblins Tears of The Kingdom


Here are some tips on how to defeat them


Equip Proper Weapons: Armored Bokoblins have increased defense, so you’ll want to use weapons that deal more damage. Swords and spears with higher damage ratings are effective. Additionally, weapons with special properties like elemental damage (fire, ice, electricity) can help break their defense.

Use Headshots: Aim for headshots with your bow and arrows. Hitting them in the head can deal more damage and potentially stun them for a moment, making it easier to follow up with melee attacks.

Upgrade Your Armor: Wearing upgraded armor can increase your defense and make you more resilient to their attacks. This can be especially helpful if you’re facing multiple armored Bokoblins.

Use Elemental Attacks: As mentioned earlier, elemental damage can be effective. For example, using a fire weapon can set them on fire, causing additional damage over time. An ice weapon can freeze them, making them easier to shatter with subsequent attacks.

Lure Them into Environmental Hazards: If there are explosive barrels or other environmental hazards nearby, try to lure the Bokoblins into them. Detonating an explosive barrel near them can deal a significant amount of damage.

Stun and Mount: If you have the right equipment, you can stun an armored Bokoblin with a shock arrow and then mount it. This allows you to deal extra damage while riding on its back. Be careful not to get thrown off!

Use Sneak Attacks: If you can sneak up on an armored Bokoblin, you can perform a sneak strike for massive damage. Crouch and move quietly to get close without alerting them.

Timing and Dodging: Learn their attack patterns and practice dodging or parrying their attacks. A well-timed dodge or parry can leave them vulnerable for a counterattack.

Buff with Food: Before engaging in battle, eat food that provides buffs. Meals that increase your attack, defense, or grant extra hearts can make a significant difference in the fight.

Use Ancient Weapons: Ancient weapons, which you can obtain in the game, deal bonus damage to Guardians and other ancient enemies. These can be quite effective against armored Bokoblins as well.

Remember that combat in Breath of the Wild is flexible, and there are often multiple ways to approach a situation. Experiment with different strategies and techniques to find what works best for your playstyle and the specific situation you’re in.

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