How to Delete Paytm Account – Benefits and Drawbacks of Paytm Account

Nowadays everyone knows about Paytm and most of us often using it. Sometimes, we want to delete this Pyatm account but we do know the process of How to delete paytm account. So, here in this article, we are going to show you how you can delete your paytm account easily.

Introduction of Paytm

Paytm is the word that is enchanted in the mouth of every second person you meet in your daily lives. As it has eased the lives of the people of every age group no matter in which business or job they are engaged in, the usage of Paytm is very common in their life. This is because this application is not subsequent to any one field but in the utility for the daily chores of our life. Everyone knows what Paytm is but still, there are some naive persons present on our earth who still needs an introduction to this very app. If you want to know more about paytm then read here paytm Wikipedia.

Paytm is basically an e-commerce application that established with just the task of paying the bills and getting your recharge done from your smart phones. While this application was the newer one in the market, its attractive offers really lured the customers and it came into the market with great vows. But, if we see the present scenario, paytm is the most accessible and useful application by the people of all age groups not only for the bill payments and recharges but for every other necessary commodity of our lives.

More About Paytm

May it is clothing, branding, electronics, movie tickets, sports items or any restaurant deal, one can crack it with the exciting offers provided by the application.  Not only this, one can even get every array of books from the paytm site that too at very reasonable prices. It comes with an enticing feature that we can transfer money from our phone to the other person no matter how far you both are. Just send the money to your destination with a single click.

The transaction work on this app is really unbelievable on this app. This transfer happens either with the scanning of QR code or with the required mobile number. The bank charges 0% fee for such transactions, which obviously makes it more exciting to its users. It is provided to users in almost 10 regional languages.  It basically helps in tracking their payment status which is of most use to the merchants.

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Benefits of Paytm Account:

The paytm transfers are quite reliable and secure as compared to the other online banking system. One can avoid the use of credit and debit cards, which basically means that there is less chance of duping or loss of cards. Once you lose your card, a proper process has to be followed to get to your new valid card. Whereas, in paytm system, you just need to make some amendments on your phone only. Transfer of your money to your bank account and vice versa is quite low taking in mind its comfort and ease. Very less documentation is required for getting any amount of money in your paytm Wallet which makes it less messy for its users.

Drawbacks of Paytm Account:

But, with all the pros comes to the cons too. Sometimes, people trigger with some kind of issues related to the paytm account. In few cases, people have dealt with cases where the customer services were not so supportive. The return and canceling issues were not entertained in an accurate manner. The transfer of money back in case of return of items takes around 7 days which is quite long for any user. Well, the other factor is that you have to be dependent upon the internet services to avail of any of the service of the application. That means the application and the money in your paytm wallet will be of no use if you don’t have a reliable internet connection.

How to Delete Paytm Account:

After accessing the paytm account, sometimes we wish to delete the paytm account from our smartphones. Then, we need to follow some steps to get it out of your mobile phones. There are many ways to delete it from your phone but the most reliable way is by sending an email to the customer care of the paytm company.

One needs to follow certain steps given below for how to delete paytm account in the most proficient form from your device:

  • Initially, log in to your paytm account app with your accurate credentials of username and password.
  • Create an email for this purpose at the address: care@paytm.com. Send mail with the subject written, “Please delete my paytm account”.
  • In your body part, mention why you want to delete your account and along with this given name, email, phone number and other required details to this given specified email id.
  • If this process takes time, then you can also call at the paytm toll-free number i.e. 0120-3888388. You can ask them to delete the paytm account with the number you require to and then a ticket number will be generated for this regard and now then you can track that number to get it done till you get the desired. After the successful deletion of the account, you will definitely get a confirmation call from the company regarding this.
  • Finally, you will get your account deleted from the paytm account.

There are several other methods that can make you out of your account but they are not the right methods as you have to fill either of your some other mobile other which again will give you an account with some other mobile number.


Well, paytm account deletion task is not so monotonous if you adhere to the points carefully listed above. This article will surely be of great help to you for how to delete paytm account. If not, please get back to us, we will surely provide you with other resonate ways to fix your problems. If this article helped you to how to delete paytm account then please share your views with us in the below comments.

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