How To Disable The IC 7851 Antenna Tuner?

How To Disable The IC 7851 Antenna Tuner

The Icom IC-7851 is a high-end amateur radio transceiver that comes with a built-in automatic antenna tuner. To disable the antenna tuner on the IC-7851, follow these steps:

How To Disable The IC 7851 Antenna Tuner? Here are Steps

How To Disable The IC 7851 Antenna Tuner

1. Turn off the IC-7851: Make sure the transceiver is turned off before making any adjustments.

2. Access the menu: Turn on the IC-7851 while holding down the “SET” button to access the menu mode.

3. Navigate to the tuner settings: Use the Multi-Function Knob or the arrow keys to navigate through the menu options. Look for the tuner settings submenu.

4. Disable the tuner: Once in the tuner settings submenu, you should find an option to enable or disable the antenna tuner. Choose the option to disable it.

5. Save the settings: After disabling the tuner, save the changes and exit the menu mode.

Please note that the exact menu navigation and wording may vary slightly depending on the firmware version of your IC-7851. Always refer to the user manual of the transceiver for precise instructions related to your specific model.

If you are having trouble finding the specific instructions or if the tuner is not behaving as expected, it’s always best to consult the official Icom support or reach out to experienced users on amateur radio forums for guidance. Additionally, be cautious when making changes to any settings in the radio, as improper adjustments could lead to undesired behaviour or even damage the equipment.


Q: Do i need an external antenna tuner for ic 7851 ?

A: Yes and your amplifier will automatically go in protection

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