How To Remove Toilet Seat With Hidden Fixings

how to remove toilet seat with hidden fixings

Removing a toilet seat with hidden fixings can vary depending on the specific design of the seat. Here are general steps to help you remove a toilet seat with concealed or hidden fixings:

Examine the Seat: Take a close look at your toilet seat to identify the type of hidden fixings it has. Common types include buttons or covers that hide the screws or a hinge system that conceals the mounting hardware.

Locate the Release Buttons or Covers: If your toilet seat has release buttons or covers, these are usually located at the back of the seat, near where it attach to the toilet bowl. They may be small and circular or oval in shape.

Press or Lift the Release Buttons/Covers: Use your fingers to press down on the release buttons or gently lift the covers. This should reveal the screw or mounting mechanism underneath.

Use a Screwdriver or Wrench: Once the screws or mounting hardware are exposed, use the appropriate tool (usually a screwdriver or wrench) to loosen and remove them. Turn the screws counterclockwise to loosen them. Some toilet seats may have nuts instead of screws, which you’ll need to remove.

Lift the Seat: After removing the screws or nuts, you should be able to lift the toilet seat and cover from the toilet bowl.

Clean and Dispose: Once the seat is removed, you can clean the area where it was attached and dispose of the old seat if you’re replacing it.

Install a New Seat (Optional): If you’re replacing the old seat, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the new one, which may involve attaching the new seat using the same hidden fixings or a different system.

Remember to take safety precautions and be gentle when removing the toilet seat to avoid damaging the toilet or injuring yourself. If you encounter any difficulties or if your toilet seat has a unique or complex mounting system, consult the manufacturer’s instructions or consider seeking professional assistance.

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