How To Reset Jio Fiber Router?

how to reset jio fiber router?

How To Reset Jio Fiber Router:


how to reset jio fiber router?

To reset your Jio Fiber router, you can follow these general steps. Please note that different router models may have slightly different procedures, so you should consult your router’s user manual if you encounter any discrepancies.

Step 1: Locate the Reset Button
Find the reset button on your Jio Fiber router. It is usually a small pinhole button located on the back or bottom of the router.

Step 2: Prepare a Pin or Paperclip
You’ll need a pin, paperclip, or something similar to press the reset button. Make sure the router is powered on and connected to a power source.

Step 3: Perform the Reset
Press and hold the reset button using the pin or paperclip for about 10-15 seconds. You may need to use a bit of force to depress the button.

Step 4: Release the Button
After holding the reset button for the appropriate time, release it. The router will reboot, and the reset process will begin.

Step 5: Wait for the Router to Reboot
Give the router a few minutes to reboot and initialize. The router’s lights will likely flash or change during this process.

Step 6: Reconfigure the Router
Once the router has finished rebooting, it will be restored to its factory default settings. You’ll need to set it up again with your Jio Fiber credentials, including the username and password provided by your Internet Service Provider.

Keep in mind that resetting the router will erase any custom settings you might have configured, such as Wi-Fi network name and password, port forwarding rules, and other personalized configurations. If you made any changes to these settings before the reset, you’ll need to reconfigure them after completing the reset process.

Remember to contact Jio Fiber support or refer to their official documentation if you encounter any issues or need further assistance specific to your router model.

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