Innocent was trying to wake up the dead mother, Shah Rukh Khan melted after watching the video.


Shah Rukh Khan, through his NGO Mir Foundation, helps the needy people.He has now helped a child who was trying to awaken his dead mother in a viral video. Shah Rukh and Mir Foundation have thanked those who helped in finding this child.

This video was from Muzaffarpur station. This poignant video went viral on social media in view of the issue of migrant labourer. The Mir Foundation is now helping this child. The Mir Foundation is grateful to all those who helped us reach this child.

The video, which tried to awaken the mother, ripped the hearts of all of us. Now we are supporting him and now he is in the care of his grandfather. Shah Rukh also tweeted about this. King Khan wrote – Thank you to all who come in contact with us for having a small child.

We all pray that God give him strength to deal with the unfortunate loss of his parent. I know how it feels. Our love and support is with you baby. Shah Rukh Khan lost his father as a child. It has been 30 years since his mother passed away.

In an interview with David Letterman, Shah Rukh said that he had only one complaint from his parents that he did not spend much time with them. Shah Rukh through his other companies Kolkata Knight Writers, Red Chillies Entertainment and Red Chillies VFX are also continuously helping Covid 19 fight.


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