Jalandhar equals Mohali, number of patients increased to 62 with nine new cases

Jalandhar equals Mohali

Eight new cases of corona virus have been registered on Thursday in the district. Chief Secretary Karan Bir Singh has confirmed these cases.Earlier on Wednesday, a 65-year-old woman from Jwala Nagar, adjacent to Maksudan, was exposed on Wednesday.
This woman also works in the same private institution from where more than a dozen cases have already been reported.  The total number of infected patients has reached 62 in Jalandhar with fresh cases.

jalandhar equal mohali

Jalandhar equals Mohali

With the new cases, Jalandhar has equaled Mohali district with the most corona cases in Punjab. Corona has 62 patients in both cities.

It is followed by Patiala at number two and Pathankot at number three. In Mohali, 18 patients have been discharged after recovery and two people were killed. At the same time in Jalandhar, six patients have returned home from Corona to win the battle and two people have died. In this context, Jalandhar district has become the district with the most active cases of corona virus in Punjab.



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