Jalandhar Rural Police has fixed guard for isolation and self- quarantine.

Jalandhar Rural Police

Paying special attention to the rules of isolation to prevent the spread of corona virus in rural areas of the district, Jalandhar Rural Police has been successful in keeping watch in all the villages of the district.
Giving this relevant information, SSP Jalandhar (Rural) Mr. Navjot Singh Mahal told that keeping yourself home and isolated from others is very important to effectively fight the corona virus.

He said that special attention is also being paid to make people aware. So that more and more good guards can be deployed in the villages. He said that the villagers have accepted the appeal of the police and are being properly guarded in their villages.

SSP. Said that all 840 villages under Jalandhar Rural have been properly guarded.
He said that on behalf of the people, they have been isolated in their homes and no one is being allowed to come to their villages from outside. He said that this is helping to effectively prevent the corona virus in rural areas of the district. He said that this cure will be continued in the coming days as well, until the fight against the corona virus is won.

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