Labor not returned due to lockdown, educated youth working in fields

educated youth

Due to Corona virus, a large number of migrant laborers had moved from the city to their village they are coming back now. Because paddy sowing has started and farmers need labor.Farmers are calling Labor and saying that they have to sow paddy, they are ready to pay the bus fare and there is complete arrangement for living, eating and drinking. In this way, farmers are now calling Labor with greed.

Because if sown in time, farmers also get good profits. Have to go to Kapurthala, the bus driver left here … 10 people who reached Jalandhar from Sitamarhi in Bihar told that the landlord’s call them from Kapurthala. Everyone refused first. Ram Narayan said that after the landlord’s call, everyone decided that if the landlord arranges for their bus fare and living, eating and drinking, they will definitely go.

The landlord said yes. This time the rate is also being given very well. 2500 had to pay fares. Suresh Pandey said that a person had to pay Rs 2500 for Jalandhar from Bihar. Had told the landlord about it.

Job gone in layoffs, now working in the fields

Kamalpreet, Gurtaj and Lovepreet said that everything was going well before the lockdown. Kamalpreet said that he got a job in Ola barely before. But when the company laid off the employees in the lockdown, I lost my job too.Saved money were spent in lockdown.

That is why I thought of working in the fields, because farmers also need labor due to lack of migrant laborers and we need work. Never worked in field before.  Farmers pay Rs. 500 daily. Kamalpreet says that the government is thinking for the poor, But there is nothing for educated youth like us.We are unemployed even after being educated.


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