Mall and temple open after two and a half months, entry after thermal scanning


Monday, 8 June. That is, the first day of the week. Eventually, the devotees resumed in the religious places listened for the last two and a half months. The gates of temples were reopened for them.
In the morning, devotees set out to the religious places with full enthusiasm. Here, the malls also opened till ten o’clock.

Entry is being given to people with full precaution at both the places. Thermal screening is being done at the gate. Also, the government guidelines are being followed. Here, there were neither flowers nor offerings in the hands of the devotees in the temples. The reason for this is that apart from opening religious places, the government has also issued several guidelines.

Adopting them, entry into religious places is possible. Instructions were also given to keep religious places closed amidst the lockdown and curfew imposed by the government to prevent the spread of Corona infection. They have now been allowed to open from 8 June. Along with this, guidelines have also been issued, which will be the responsibility of the management committee to implement them.


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