New Signs of Corona! Is there any these kinds of marks on your feet?

symptoms of corona

Scientists are working day and night to detect the spread of corona virus, which is spreading rapidly around the world. As much as scientists are investigating about the virus, different forms of it are appearing. Scientists researching the corona virus have detected new signs of the virus.It is reported that cough, cold, fever are not the only,Now by looking at the feet, one can find out about the corona. These new symptoms are appearing in the toe in corona virus patients. Scientists researching the corona virus first noticed this symptom in a 13-year-old chil in Italy. The child had a deep wound in his foot. Because it was a wound resembling a spider bite.

ne signs of corona virus

But after a few days, the child’s condition started deteriorating and when he was examined, it was found that he was corona positive. It is said that many patients of Corona in the US are showing such symptoms. These symptoms are largely visible in people who live in more cold areas. There is also a lot of irritation at the place where the wound occurs.

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