NRI kills himself in Jalandhar in the wake of neglecting to come back to UK


A 72-year-old Punjabi NRI ended it all on Tuesday after he neglected to come back to the UK and was depressed. He hanged himself in the generator room of his home at Kaki Pind, Rama Mandi, and Jalandhar. Amarjeet Singh and his better half Balbir Kaur 68 were British residents. Their three kids additionally live the UK. “The couple had come to India on February 29 and they were to fly back in March when the lock-down began and flights halted. NRI left no suicide note, kin state he was depressed.


ACP central Gursimrat Singh said, “His wife and his brother’s family, who live in the adjacent house said he was depressed as they could not return home and could not get seats on the special flights arranged by the UK.

First we captured he was not well however we likewise checked his reports and found that he was flawless excepting his diabetes for which he was taking drugs. His wife said that he addressed his children in the UK on Monday night before resting and when she got up toward the beginning of the day he was nowhere to be found and later discovered him hanging in the generator room.


“He didn’t leave any suicide note yet his family said he was depressed only due to the reason that he was unable to return home,” the cop said.


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