Jalandhar: The patient was lying in an ambulance,the hospital did not allow to enter, died


The patient remained in an ambulance outside the private hospital near Football Chowk for two and a half hours but the hospital did not admit him. Later the young man died. He was admitted in the hospital for two months and the doctors expelled him from the hospital two days ago after recovering a bill of Rs 12 lakh.

Till late evening the family members of the deceased were sitting on the ground outside the hospital and performing fury. Jagjit Singh, a resident of village Malliwal and his father Satpal, had an accident on 12 April. Satpal was killed in this, while Jagjit Singh suffered a severe head injury.

He was admitted to a private hospital near Football Chowk. Where he was treated for two months and doctors took Rs 12 lakh from the family in the name of treatment. Family members Kulwant Kaur, Sukhwinder Singh, Resham Singh and Lakhbir Singh allege that Jagjit was brought to Armaan Hospital on 12 April where doctors said that Jagjit would recover after treatment.

They allege that the doctors of the hospital did not treat Jagjit properly even with Rs 12 lakh and said two days ago shift it to another hospital. When he went to another hospital with Jagjit Singh, the doctors there said that Jagjit’s condition is serious and quite late. Family members again came to the hospital with Jagjit Singh. The hospital did not admit him again. Jagjit Singh remained in the ambulance for two and a half hours and then died.


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