14 people, including five police personnel, got positive

police corona positive

Corona is rapidly moving towards community spread. 14 people have been found positive on Monday, Out of these, no case history of ten people has been found. The health department and district administration are also concerned about the increasing number of patients without reason.

The biggest concern is that after the doctors and health workers on the front line to defeat Corona, police personnel are also getting caught. Of the 14 people who were found infected on Monday, five of them are also police personnel. Out of the 14 patients, 12 belong to the district.

This has brought the total number of infected to 354 in the district. Meanwhile, the Health Department has sent 19 people to be discharged from the hospital to be isolated at home. In this way, the number of people who have been discharged from the hospital has reached 301.

10 patients found no reason to be corona

On Monday, out of 14 patients, five police personnel have been found positive. These include a woman resident of Nakodar and police personnel from Raiya, Ferozepur, Kabulpur and Laddewali. Where they all originated from Corona is not known.

Apart from these, a 40-year-old resident of Friends Colony who belongs to HDFC Bank, 24 and 27-year-old women of Jamal Nagar, 30-year-old woman and 10-year-old resident of Kishanpura have also been found positive. And they too have not got any case history. This has led to the collapse of the community spread of Corona in the district.

Only four people got case history

Of the 14 patients who were found positive on Monday, only four are those whose case history have department. Among them, a 35-year-old man from a village shekhen whose pregnant wife was previously found positive. Apart from the family of positive patient found in Avatar Nagar, 28 and 35 year old women and 11 year old boy are included.








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