Pregnant woman ran away from home after report positive

corona pragnany

Corona’s havoc is not ending. On Thursday, the number of Corona patients positive in the city has reached 270. In this, the pregnant woman of Lamma Pind came to take the health department team, so she ran a lot. A 28-year-old pregnant woman was contacted on the phone by Asha Worker of the area and told her to stay at home.

The team is coming to pick her up. As soon as the patient saw the opportunity, she went away from home with her husband and daughter. When Asha Worker reached home, there was no one on the spot.
On seeing this, the health workers lost their senses. Health workers including Asha workers ran, and catch them near suchi pind.

The woman was going to sit in an auto rickshaw with her family. The woman abused the health workers on the spot and refused to go to the civil hospital. Asha workers called the police on this. Police explained the woman’s husband. He then explained to his wife that she would have to go to a civil hospital for treatment and after that she agreed. Later an emergency ambulance 108 was called and the pregnant woman was rushed to the civil hospital.

The lady said I was scared

The woman says that when she came to know that she had corona, she was scared to hear that she was taken to the civil hospital. She was horrified at the behavior of the hospital with her. That is why she did not want to go there. Fearing to go to the hospital, she left home to run away from the city. He was later admitted to a civil hospital.

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