Take pledge to protect the environment, we have to be the choice ourselves


If there is any problem, then it has two positive and negative aspects. The Corona epidemic has seen something similar. Many people lost their lives due to illness, But Corona has also given some recommendations. There is also an environmental protection.

During lockdown, when factories were closed, roads and markets were dry, nature was in full bloom. People’s faces blossomed when snow-capped peaks of remote Himachal Pradesh were seen from Jalandhar. Such views may continue to be seen even further

For this, we have to take a pledge to conserve the environment and to save it we have to become an alternative. Even today there are many warriors around us who are quietly engaged in environmental protection. Today, World Environment Day, we are getting some of these inspiring people to meet you.

Target to plant five thousand plants: Naveen Kumar Rana

Naveen Kumar Rana, who did organic farming, started Tree Mitra institution in the year 2018. Along with planting saplings, the organization also takes care of them.


If a plant is destroyed within a year, then a new plant is planted according to the season. His company has planted 15,000 plants so far.

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