Rainak Bazar Shopkeepers Association will give half salary to workers, protest begins

rainak bazar

The Rainak Bazar Shopkeepers Association has issued a decree to pay half pay to the workers regarding the lockdown imposed due to Corona virus crisis. Apart from this, the office-bearers issued information to the media on the letter pad of the Association.

Since then, this decision has been strongly opposed on social media. Some organizations have even demanded action from the district administration under the Labor Act, calling it a Tughlaqi decree. With the lockdown imposed across the country from March 22, instructions were issued to keep all the shops closed.

In such a situation, the shopkeepers are not willing to  pay salaries to the workers. In the notice, it was announced to pay half pay to all the employees working at the shops. For this, a letter was also issued to the media. After the same letter went viral on social media, this decision of the Shopkeepers Association is getting all round condemnation.

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