Want to Remove Junks File from Your Smartphone Then Download This Google App

Google File Go

If your phone is hanging too much then download this google app. Mostly users use their phone and their phone become too heavy to use. There are many times that a phone becomes slow so Google has launched the new app files Go by Google for you. This one app lets you clear space in the phone, and you can do many things like file shares.

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This app can be easily downloaded from Google Play-store. This app works just like Apple’s file sharing app AirDrop. With this help you can share a large-to-big file in any Android device. In addition, you will easily delete duplicate files from the phone, unused apps and video with low resolution.

However, Google has launched this app for Android Oreo (Go edition) but you will be able to use it to Android Lollipop 5.0 or any version of the phone. The good thing is that its size is only 5 MB. You can also store your files on the cloud.

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