Advanced SEO Strategies For 2020


Are you looking for more traffic on your website? Then you are in the right place because today I am going to explain such amazing SEO techniques and strategies that will help you to generate unique visitors per month on your website.

As you know that SEO has becomes one of the most powerful digital practices. If it has to be done in the right way using the best SEO strategies it can be more worthwhile.

There are some advanced SEO Strategies and techniques for success in 2020 For your small business.


Google keep modernizing its algorithms day after day to enhance the quality of search engine results. So that the techniques used in the past are no longer used today. For that reason, businesses need to update with the latest algorithms of search engines and update their SEO techniques with the time.

In the following paragraph, we are going to talk about some best techniques of SEO that will help you generate more leads in upcoming years.

# User-Friendly Design

If you are running a website you should be accessible on desktop as well as mobile devices. After Google’s best effort “Mobile-first indexing” makes the web friendlier, it is more crucial for all website owners to have a mobile version of their websites as well.

According to Google if the website has unique content, attractive and user-friendly designs and integrates with mobile phones will get fast ranking.

# Website optimization for loading speed

As you know the first experience is the last experience. So do not spoil the mood of your with slow loading speed of the website, so optimize your website speed in 2020.

  • Firstly get better hosting options for your website.
  • Always try to optimize the size of images on your website.
  • Detect 404 errors from the website.
  • Eliminate unnecessary JavaScript files from the website.

# Refine voice search ranking

A report reveals that 50% of people’s searches will be conducted via voice by the end of 2020. People will search their queries by speaking into their devices as contrary by typing a keyword into the search query to generate results.

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri are some superb examples of voice search. So Google giving more attention to voice search optimization. Hence people must optimize their website for voice search.




SEO strategy is the method of organizing a website’s content by topic. Which helps search engines such as Google, Bing, and others to understand a user intends when searching?

Here are some SEO Strategies

# Deep Analysis of the website

Before using any strategy on your website it is very important to find out the scope of improvement on the website. We should always use some best SEO tools to find out what’s working in favor of your website or what’s not. Before reaching the final destination we need to know our final goals. At the starting point of the planning, a complete examination of various elements of the website is a must.

Also, we need to find what types of errors are affecting our website SEO. After getting familiar with the problems you can form the SEO strategies to resolve them.

# Keyword Optimization

Choosing the right keywords for a website is the basis of successful SEO. The selection of keywords is a very crucial step. If the right collection of keywords can make the SEO successful likewise the wrong selection of keyword can ruin the whole effort. Different types of keywords such as long-tail keywords, short tail keywords, exact match, etc. should be part of SEO Strategy.

# Execution of Planning

Proper execution of the planning is the only way to successful SEO. Sometimes even the good executions are failed due to improper execution. This means we need to keep an eye on the implementation process. This will help you to make your SEO strategies more result-oriented.

Final Thoughts

Search engine optimization is best for online businesses to survive in this competitive market. This is not only helping you increase the traffic on the website but also helps to boost the conversion rate.

Apart from this, it is one of the best ways to make your brand popular in a natural way. Eventually, to gain better SEO results, you should keep up with the advanced SEO techniques and strategies.

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