Shocking statement of deputy commissioner, corona virus roaming like oxygen in air

varinder sharma

As soon as the curfew in the district ended, Deputy Commissioner Varinder Sharma said the shocking thing. He said that the way there is oxygen in the air, the corona virus is also circulating in the same way. Even though the Health Department has found 208 cases by conducting more than fifty five thousand tests, but we do not have to be negligent. In the same way, physical distance has to be maintained.

Wash hands with soap and use a sanitizer.Use mask when going out. After the flag march on Monday, he said this through Facebook with Police Commissioner Gurpreet Bhullar and SSP Navjot Singh Mahal.

He said that the lockdown or curfew is all on paper with the government’s planning,But no planning for nature.The deputy commissioner’s statement is also important because the administration has not yet confirmed the corona virus community infection. And so far all the cases have been told through contact.

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