Thursday’s rate list of fruits and vegetables issued, complain in control room if found expensive

fruits and vegetables

The district administration has released the rate list of Thursday 23 April.It includes 26 types of fruit vegetables.
If someone is caught selling at a higher rate than this, a case will be filed against him. The curfew pass will also be taken away from him and he will not be allowed to take fruits and vegetables from the market. Complaints of black marketing can be made to DC Control Room on 0181-2224417 or Police Control Room on 95929-18502.

rates of fruits and vegetables

 Rates of vegetables and fruits.



Onion 20 kg
Tomato 25 kg
Potato 25 kg
Cauliflower  15 kg
Ginger 80 kg
Garlic 100 kg
Gourd 20 Kg
Cucumber 15 kg
Peas 50 kg
Carrot 20 kg
Chilli 26 kg
Lemon 60 kg
Cabbage 15 kg
Kinnu 40 kg
Banana 60 Dozen
Papaya 35 kg
Grape 65 kg
Pineapple 20 kg
Apple 120 kg
Brinjal 25 kg
Ladyfinger 60 kg
Radish 15 kg
Pumpkin 15 kg
Coriander 20 kg
Cucumber Polyhouse 40 kg
Red-yellow bell pepper 120 kg


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