Top 10 Sewing Machine Brands

top 10 sewing machine brands

Today we will share some tips on top 10 sewing machines brands that are basically designed to ease our work in a mechanical way. The sewing machine is such a machine designed to stitch the fabric together mechanically.

It is used in every home and even large factories who are working with the fabric work. It is being designed several years back to deduce the manual sewing work for the factories and its heavy use is still continued in the major form.

With its greater use in our daily lives even, there are ample companies that manufacture the sewing machines of various sizes and purposes.

The sewing machine now days not only meets our basic needs but also helps in making the fabric more appealing and decorating. Here we share top 10 sewing machine brands manufacture these machines on the market.

These companies can even advertise their products in the online market too. Well, this has blessed even the good sewing machine brands. Also that they can also showcase their sewing machine to the people online.

The precision in the stitching can be achieved only with the good quality sewing machines only. To choose from such a wide variety of sewing machines available in the market, it can be difficult for some to choose one.

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But, we have some good feature description for each of the machine to help you in locating the best machine to fulfill your needs.

You can find the description of the top 10 sewing machine brands below:

SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960

The singer quantum stylist 9960 is a well-known brand to all. Its sewing machines are also very world-wide known. Their capability is acknowledged by each individual.

Right from the basic singer sewing machine functions to the most complicated designing, all requirements are easily met by this machine.

It is undoubtedly considered to be the best singer computerized sewing machine on the market. The compact size of the machine is also the most enticing feature that can astonish us with its working. Some users find it a bit difficult to operate initially.

But, that not a big issue, slow and steady, one can learn about all its working functionalities and learn it aptly. Also, there is the user singer sewing machine manual for the expert guidance on its working or people can also ask for the expert visit to your place.

Features of the singer computerized sewing machine are described below as:

  • It contains 600 in-built design patterns for the stitching and design purposes. It is embedded with 5 alphanumeric fonts and thirteen one-step buttonholes.
  • It has a classy appearance making it more appealing to the users.
  • The sewing projects can be customized as per user’s need as the mirror imaging options are available.
  • Stitch elongation property makes the working more flexible.
  • Various buttons such as start, stop, width elongation, direct button, and stitch selection buttons are available for the easy combination working.
  • One can also control the maximum speed of the machine.
  • The thread can be trimmed automatically by the machine when another thread is to be used.

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PC420PRW Sewing machine

This high end computerized sewing machine is very user friendly and provides consistent stitching property throughout the sewing project. Equipped with the ample of impressive qualities, the prices of this machine are really reasonable.

It helps you in making your sewing imagination in to reality with its superb designing features. It is applicable in all types of fabrics, no matter how delicate or harsh the material is.

One little thing that makes it a little messy is that changing the needle direction takes a little while as changing the thread sewing the left side gives tedious sewing initially. But after a little sewing, it gets all well with its whole smooth flow. It helps you in achieving the high-end professional results but only the normal sewing work.

Features of this sewing machine are as given below:

  • It has 294 in-built stitch designs to acquire the proper impressive designing.
  • The rate of stitching of this machine is 850 stitches per minute, which is quite high.
  • The machine’s design is very appreciable and compact. It is also embedded with a LCD screen on it that shows your selection mode of stitching and pattern of stitching.
  • The frame of the machine is basically made of metal with the dual lightening system for the clear vision.
  • The pressure of the needle can also be controlled by the user.
  • It has F.A.S.T bobbin system of threading with the custom stitch threading system.
  • With the exception feeding system, it has amicable speed control feature in-built in it.

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HC 1850 Sewing machine

Well, one can make quilts; do active crafting projects, designer stitching projects and many more. It is best known for the quilt making process as it offers free motion quilting. Well, the most enticing feature of this machine is that it offers detachable wide table which helps in making wide area for stitch work. Since the machine is very light in weight, it may lack very fast quilting process. Otherwise, it is good enough in its zone.  Well, its lightweight makes it quite handy and easy to carry anywhere. The pouch attached to the machine increase sits utility by creating a space to store the stitching related material in to it.

Features of this machine are described as below:

  • The LED light of the machines gives wider luminance to make the sewing projects much more clear and précised. This light is more effective for the dark color fabrics.
  • Setting up of the machine is a very easy project which does not takes more than 5 minutes to assemble it.
  • It is embedded with 130 built-in stitches patterns that are enough for the normal and some of the professional work too.
  • The needle threading function is automatically done by the machine on demand.
  • There is a single monogramming built-in font for the proper functioning.
  • There is a detachable wide table capable enough to adjust the large design stuff

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Brother XM2701 Review

This is basically a budget sewing machine which provides you with all the basic requirements of the sewing and some ultra designing techniques too. This is a lightweight and cheap machine for the sewing works. This machine is best for the beginners who are looking for some cheap ways to start with. Any beginner can easily adapt to the functions of these sewing threads. No matter you want to employ your personal sewing project or some professional project, the user manual guide will assist at each step of sewing.

It is basically known for the purposes such as crafting, quilting and sewing the home décor items. No doubts, it sews a bit slower than the other machines but for beginners or the home users, it is most suitable. Quilt sewing is a bit slow but as per its pros and cost, it is not at all a bad option for anyone.

Features of this sewing machine are given as below:

  • There are 27 built-in stitches designing for the user.
  • There is an automatic size button hole for the stitching of the button to the fabrics.
  • Being very lightweight, it weighs only 13lbs
  • There is a luminous LED light attached to it for the clearer vision
  • Foot pedal facility is also available for the regular users
  • There is a rotary dial stitch selector facility, which is quite rare one in normal sewing machines
  • There is a jam resistant to drop-in bobbin available in the machine
  • The instructional DVD is also provided in the different languages for the people of various regions

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Juki DDL- 8700 Sewing machine

This industrial sewing machine is the machine with great industrial strength. The servo motor of the machine is the robust one that can rely upon for the large industrial projects. This machine not only serves the nominal crafting works but also accomplishes the heavy designing work without much effort input from the users. The consistent performance of the machine is what makes it quite demanding in the market.

The combo of speed and consistency has made it the standing one in the league of toppers in this field. When dealt with rough and heavy work, other machines sometimes complains of jamming while, this machine assures the non-jamming quality no matter how long it works on the hard material.

The environment factors do not alters its working capabilities. All fabrics are treated equally in a smooth manner during the stitching. Well, the machine is not fully automatic but its rugged properties and capabilities force the person to add it to their industrial products.

The noise created by the machine while the sewing projects are quite low and vibrations are generated in fact, which is quite helpful in the sewing process. Well, it will not be having multiple design features embedded in it like other machines in it but, its strength and quick work makes it much more demanding in the market.

Features of this sewing machine are given below as:

  • Best for high volume sewing work in the industries without any kind of jamming in between
  • With a very high speed, it works at 5500 stitches per minute.
  • The RPM of the sewing machine is adjustable as per the user’s requirements
  • The servo motor is the high point of the machine that lures the users.
  • It works on a single needle with lock stitch stitching
  • A half inch pressure foot lift is also provided for the working by the knee level
  • There is a proper thread stand on the machine’s face to make the thread stuck properly
  • Approximately, there is a distance of 11 inches of arm space from neck to needle

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Brother SE 400 Sewing machines

This ultra modern sewing machine gives wings to your talent of art to fly. Yes, you heard it right. It is most suitable for the ones who love to craft various designs on the fabric to give it a unique style of their own.
This computerized sewing machine works on the single press of demand as per your needs. All the complicated embroidery works are done best by this machine. If one sits on machine, some good design is carved no matter you are experienced in this or not.

It can be used for the sewing projects as well as for the embroidery works too. Both these works are done with great quality and smoothness in its working. Besides with multiple in-built designs available in the machine, one can also import design of their choice from the internet and make it feasible on the fabric.

The versions of designs of the machine are updated on the regular basis. Whenever some new designs are being updated, one can update that anytime from the company’s servers. Well, one thing that can disappoint you in this machine is its changing of needle, which can be a bit difficult for the native persons.

Otherwise, it’s too good for the professional users. One has to adjust in the space, which is quite nominal for the design and embroidery purpose. The experienced ones can easily manage with the given space while the beginners may face some difficulty in this point too. While with time, they will also get used to it and hence, will not face much difficulty.

Features of this machine are given as below:

·  There is a frame of 4”4 for the embroidery area.

·  There are 67 built-in stitches for the users with different exclusive stitches and 70 built-in designs in the machine itself.

·  There are 5 lettering fonts in the machine

·  One can also import the designs from internet as it has internet connectivity also.

·  The user manual available with the user is bilingual.

·   The LCD screen is for the perfect designing of the fabric

·    The speed of the machine is 400 stitches per minute.

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SINGER 7258 Sewing machine

This machine is for the beginners as well as the intermediates. There are number of options available for the beginners as well as the intermediates to choose from for the sewing process.

Various fashion sewing processes can also be completed from this machine with the smooth flow. While, other projects of quilting, crafting and heirloom are also done successfully without any issue even for long hours. The threading of the machine is a very quick process.

The whole spool is threaded just within 6 seconds only and thus, it saves out time and effort. The automatic pilot feature of the machine is the feature in which the machine automatic system is wholly responsible for the sewing process and you can indulge in some other process for few minutes.

The advanced automatic system makes the probability of error quite less. The machine can work manual also with the feet presser while the manual adjustments can sometimes be difficult also. The thick materials are a bit difficult course for this machine as sewing does not comes so smooth on the hard materials.

Features of this sewing machine are as given below:

·This machine provides approximately 100 built-in stitches

·There is automatic tension controller and the threading also in the machine which makes the manual work less dedicated

·The most exclusive feature is the 7 fully built automatic buttonholes for the user

·The speed control button available lets you adjust the speed as per your requirement

· The machine being quite light in weight weighs only 14.6lbs.

· The construction of the machine is robust with the whole metal frame

· There is twin needle capability in the machine which increases its flexibility to the greater extent

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Brother CS6000i Sewing machine

This machine marks the importance for the initial users who have not known with these things earlier in their life and are taking risk of investing their money in this work.

This machine not only simplifies their work but will also impress them with the artistic behavior of the machine. It is embedded with easy crafting and quilting techniques to make you feel happy at your accomplishment.

As per its qualities, the value is really less as compared to the other machines in this league. So, it is kind of favorite sewing machine for the masses.

The best accessory of this machine is that it comes with a packaging bag that fits the sewing machine inside it in the most comfortable way. One can carry the portable bag anywhere with them without any hesitation, which makes it the renowned one in the market.

Features of this sewing machine are as given below:

· There are almost 60 built-in stitches in this machine

·  The machine is embedded with utmost 7 styles of one step auto size buttonholes.

·  The hard cover of the machine makes it much more portable and easy to ferry around

·  The working rate of the machine is 850 stitches per minute

·  There is an exclusive quilting table provided with the machine so as to adequate the quilt sewing in a proper way.

·  Well, it also has a jam resistant quick-set top drop-in bobbin

·  For any kind of help in the working of sewing machine, there is a bilingual user manual also available with it.

·  It has an automatic start and stop option along with a speed controller in it.

·  It weighs only 13lbs

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Janome HD3000 Sewing machine:

This robust machine is for the hard ways. That means it is suited best for the thick and hard and hard materials that are not easily sew by the other sewing machines. It can easily cope up with both delicate as well as harsh materials without any mess around in any of the stitching work.

The strong built of the machine is such that it allows even the beginners to make it happening for them and for the professionals too to built a smooth course over the thick layers of the material. That’s why; it is quite preferable by most of the people in their homes as well as the industrial use.

Well, there is no doubt that the choice of stitching designs is a bit less in this machine but it is not known for the design purpose but for the strength and capability that it has.

This mechanical machine even has the adjustable stitching width and length, which is quite rare in such sewing machines. Some people find this point disappointing that there are fewer options for designing but it can work smoothly on harsh materials like leather and jeans which is quite an achievable thing for others.

Features of this machine are as given below:

· Very few stitches, about 18 in-built are available with the machine

· The 7 presser feet point is for the sewing of hard materials

· There is a one step automatic button-holer in this machine

· The heavy duty frame of the machine also equips with the built-in needle threader.

· The foot presser adjustment is for the adjustment of the foot distance and its revolution speed gets affected by this

· The stitch option can be selected with the automatic button available within the machine only

· Other feature is the manual lay-in tension thread available within the machine itself.

· Last but not the least is the 7 point feed dog system in it

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Brother 1500 SL Sewing machine

Well, this last option for the sewing work is for the all generations. That means it is made in the old style but with all the impressive qualities for the youngsters with the high tech commanding ends.

It is mist apt for the purposes like quilting, crafting, and repetitive stitching even for the long hours. It has the capability to even work on the difficult materials like leather, velvet, jeans and many others. the speed of the machine is as per the youngsters speed and passion.

The machine is basically known for its speed and non interruptive qualities rather than for the decoration and design purposes. It is made with the best use in the industrial work as it can sew various layers in a single flow in the best possible ways. This is what it is known for.

The machine is meant for the professionals only as it does not have any speed controller which can mess the work for the beginners. Also, there are no twin needles available within the machine and gives only straight stitching techniques.

Features of this sewing machine are as given below:

·It is simply a one straight stitch facility available with the machine.

·With quite a rapid working speed, it give the working speed of 1500 stitches per minute

·There is an automatic threading system available within the machine

·The bobbin winding is quite fast in the machine reducing the time and effort for the sewing

·The large working table measures around 12” by 18” inches which is quite big for the quilt sewing

·The knee lifter available with the machine is removable from the machine

·The weight of the machine is 29.8 lbs which makes it difficult to be carried to other places

·There is a light bulb over the working space so as to give a clear vision over the working time in the sewing works

·The built of the machine is the heavy duty metal construction which makes it this much heavy and non-portable.

Well, if one goes through all the options carefully, one can get an idea which is most suitable as per their needs. But, one need to check the warranty cards of the any of the machine they think of buying. If you are making an investment then you have the whole right to ask for all the specifications and make a right decision for your choices.

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