5 Steps To Track Your Girlfriend’s Location – Its Working

Track Your Girlfriend's Location

After the smartphone arrives, there are many ways to track the location of the users. Sometimes friends share their location with you and you track them. Sometimes this location address becomes very difficult. So let us show you how to track the location of friends today.

5 Easy Steps to Track Any Phone’s Location

1# To know the location, we will get help from WhatsApp, but without the help of the sharing feature. First, copy the link (URL) of any video from YouTube.

Track Girlfriend Location

2# Now go to and paste the link into the search bar. You will find the option of the URL and tracking code you create.

Track Girlfriend Location

3# You will now get a new URL. Now send this URL in the WhatsApp message to the friend whose location you want to track.

Track Girlfriend Location

4# Now go to the Grabify page and refresh the page. Now as your friend will open that link, you’ll get its IP address.

Track Girlfriend Location

5# Now copy that IP link and search this link in the search bar by visiting Iplocation.net. Now copy the latitude and longitude that appear on the page, and search for it by going to the Google map. You will then know the live location of that friend.

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