Use of Mobile Services Will Be Able to Working During Air Travel, Know How Will Work

mobile in flight

Indian carriers will soon be able to use the Internet and make calls at the time of flight. So far the internet cannot be used or invoked during a trip to the plane. But recently, TRAI has recommended that both domestic and international airlines should have the facility of both calling and the Internet. After attaining the height of 3000 meters of the aircraft, these services will be availed.

In his recommendation, TRAI said that the airlines will be able to provide some internet and Wi-Fi services to their passengers with certain conditions. This will allow computer and internet services to be started by flying the aircraft.
But mobile services will have to wait for the aircraft to reach the altitude of more than 3000 meters. The use of mobile can be a hindrance to aircraft operations and communication. That’s why the height of 3000 meters has been kept for mobile use.

mobile in flight

TRAI suggests this: TRAI has recommended introducing a new category as “IFC Service Provider” for in-flight services in Indian Airspace. For this, the IFC service provider will have to register themselves in the Department of Telecommunications. Although it does not have to be an Indian company for that. TRAI recommends that its registration fee is kept for one rupee annually. There will be similar rules for both the Indian and foreign IFC providers.

After listening to this news, quite a lot of people would have wondered, how will the Internet and calling work on the flight? We will try to explain this dilemma in simple words:

There are two ways to access your device at the height of the Internet signal on the internet signal:

First, with the help of mobile broadband towers on the ground, which sends the signal to the aircraft’s antenna. As you move around the plane at different places, the plane automatically takes the signal from the nearest tower. But if you are leaving a water or a remote area, connectivity can be a big problem. Here is another way of working.

Another way is to use satellite technology. Connects with Plans Satellite and sends signals and receipts through receivers and transmitters on Earth. These stalites are the same, which are used to complete television signals, weather information, and military operations. The information is connected to the nearest Satellite signal with the help of antenna mounted on your smartphone from your smartphone. WiFi signal is distributed to all passengers via an on-board WIFI router.
In this way, you can also use the Internet and Calling during the flight. This facility is already given in quite a few airlines.

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