Whatsapp: 7 Minutes Later You Can Also Delete Messages – Just Follow These Trick

Whatsapp has launched all the features in the last few years, out of them, Delete for everyone feature is one of the most spectacular features. Through this, Whatsapp users can delete the messages sent to the group or personal messages on Android or iOS. However, these messages can only be deleted within seven minutes. These messages will not be deleted later.

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After knowing the wrong message on WhatsApp, many times the user finds it after seven minutes. In such a situation, they can not delete the message. But there is a way, with the help of which WhatsApp users can easily delete messages even after seven minutes. Let’s check, how to delete the message after seven minutes on whatsapp:

This method was searched by the Spanish website Android Zeffe. The website claims that this method is effective because of the Whatsapp bug. In this manner, if the message has been sent more than seven minutes, you can still delete it. Below we are telling you the complete method, how to delete messages:

  1. Go to the phone settings first.
  2. Turn off WiFi and mobile data.
  3. Now go to Settings and click on the app.
  4. Now you have to stop Whatsapp by Force Stop (if you don’t how to stop whatsapp by Force Stop click here).
  5. Now go back to the settings and click on the date and time there.
  6. Now close automatic date and time.
  7. Now the user has to enter the same date and time, the time the user sent the message on WhatsApp.
  8. Now open Whatsapp and go to that message.
  9. Hold on the message you want to delete and select Delete.
  10. You have to select Delete for Everyone here. After that the message will be deleted.
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