TRAI’s Proposal Will Be Up To 90 Percent More Cheap WiFi Service


TRAI (Telecom Regulatory of India) on Thursday submitted a report to the government on the WiFi services based on open architecture, which could further reduce the data prices. In a report submitted to the government, TRAI has said that in case of access to broadband services, India, especially its rural areas, are far behind than other countries. In order to deal with this situation, small players will have to enter the Wi-Fi services sector and increase their numbers.

Describing the project as a success, TRAI Chairman RS Sharma said, “Broadband expansion across the country is an important part of Digital India. Looking at the low cost of equipment and free spectrum, Wi-Fi is the cheapest option. ‘ This open architecture will reduce data by 90 percent compared to current prices. This new model of the network will be named ‘WiFi Access Network Interface (WANI)’.

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